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People don't appreciate how far we have come as a nation.

An Indian American of Sikh Heritage, married to a Caucasian, as Governor of the most conservative state in the Union, just made Tim Scott the first GOP African American Senator since reconstruction (and amazingly, only the 7th African American Senator ever), in the former home state of Strom Thurmond, after defeating Strom's son for the House seat in the first place.  And conservatives cheered.  
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Look how far South Carolina has come, first to secede.
I don't know much about him. How strong of a conservative will he be? Will he stand for truth and principles or will he be corrupted like most politicians have become? 
Laura T
Gov. Haley is very conservative, a protege of Gov. Sanford. She is not one who will kowtow to the self-anointed one at 1600 Penn. SC has had very good Governors these last two elections. I like her because the only time you hear about her in the news is when she's sticking it to DC or the libs in the state.
+Ryan Bickmore Scott is a true conservative.  I am pretty sure Demint would have picked him himself if he could have. 
But you know, conservatives are still racists according to the liberals who call Scott an "Uncle Tom" and "House Negro" just because he's a black conservative.  Funny how liberal reasoning works.
immediately after the announcement, liberals attacked it as a race ploy...which does go to show how they thing...instead of congratulating the one African American member of the Senate. 
I'm surprised the media didn't report - "Southern Governor removes state's only black GOP congressman."
There's that broad brush we were talking about in the other thread. :) what liberals attacked it as a race ploy, specifically? on the sources I read, they're criticizing his tea-party tendencies, but no one said anything about race politics. 
Several.  I posted it earlier.  

Luke Russert's first comment on twitter?  That there were NO AFRICAN AMERICAN GOP MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE LEFT.  What a negative way of looking at elevating this man to the Senate.  Not commenting that Scott was the only African American in the Senate.  Not saying that Scott's elevation means the first African American from the south since reconstruction.  Nope...all that was irrelevant. 

Al Sharpton said they chose Scott only because he made the GOP look better.  There were several people on MSNBC that said the same thing...of course I don't remember most of those people's names, because usually they are pretty irrelevant.  

It wasn't a huge number...but the voices were there. And the point is, if the left is so convinced it is wrong to say such things...where are the criticisms of these guys? You didn't hear a peep out of anyone. 
+Chad A. Willis Yeah, that was one that I referred to earlier. 

And I know +Renee DiResta that we weren't talking about Twitter stuff (and I didn't really care all that much) but if you are talking the dregs of society, they were attacking him as an Uncle Tom all day. 
Demint said at some point Scott was his first choice. Some say Scott is much like Demint on most issues. Either way he's a great add to the senate. 
I love how if you're black, you're supposed to behave in a specific manner, or you're not really black.

And they call us racist. LOL
I guess I miss out on all of this drama because I don't listen to talk radio (which is 99.9% partisan panderers and charlatans) or watch TV. :) I didn't see the Russert thing; stupid comment, yeah - he's kind of an equal-opportunity idiot ('Nancy Pelosi, can you tell me why a 70 year old woman still thinks she's entitled to a job?') and I don't really understand why he's employed. But, to your question +Pradheep Shanker: it's possible that you don't hear a peep out of anyone condemning these idiots because mainstream liberals/democrats don't listen to those people and aren't even aware that they're talking. Right-wing rage-mills like Twitchy listen, because they make their money ginning up controversy and helping people feel righteously indignant. I'm sure I could go to, say, Stormfront and find the lunatic fringe there (which is conservative) ranting about the race thing as well. But there wouldn't be a point, because those are just the crazies and it's better to keep them marginalized than publish their every stupid tweet. The rest of us are more interested in the guy's politics.   
Not that I consider myself a liberal or anything, but I know you all think of me that way. :) 
If you say you're not liberal and call out right-wing rage mills, but the vast majority of your stream is hardcore republican/conservative bashing and basically a left-wing rage-mill, you're probably pretty far-left whether you admit it to yourself or not...

Seems about as disingenuous as "I don't consider myself far-right. BTW, hear what was on Beck today? Obama is a damn commie baby murderer! They're gonna put us in camps next week and confiscate Bibles!" would appear to you.
+Nikolas Manak whatever, troll. If you think the stuff on my stream is "hardcore republican/conservative bashing", you're a fking idiot, or mommy didn't give you enough hugs when you were growing up. 
There's a difference between rage mills and partisan content sites. The former write articles specifically to feed bullshit hashtags like #liberalsarecomedygold  or #lookatthisstupidredneck . They provide fodder for small-minded idiots who like to get all riled up and talk about "those people" and bond with other like-minded folk about how much smarter they are, how only they get it. The latter features content about the issues. Actual data. Facts. Things worth debating. Not tweets from people with 5 followers or excerpts from a blog post written by a member of the Westboro Baptist Church.  
I didn't mean for the truth to hurt that badly, but c'mon, you gotta put more effort into the "I'm really a moderate" act.
+Nikolas Manak i voted for Gary Johnson. enough effort. keep trolling, troll. i looked through the rest of your comments and don't think you add any value to the conversation. you don't seem particularly smart or interesting or i'm going to mute you from here on out. best of luck to you. keep playing those videogames in mama's basement.
I would note in her defense that there is a growing movement of people simply not buying into either or thinking.   

Me, I may not agree with many things, but at least i can agree with the original post concept of positive diversity, and I hope we all can continue to view each other as equals in our differences.  The minority card is a dangerous one in that it is too often used when there's so many more powerful arguments for or against a position with far less backlash.  
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