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I support this, but only if you get rid of ALL SUBSIDIES. All of them. Don't pick and choose. And in turn, reform the tax code.

On a side note, repealing the oil subsidies is the right thing to do...but would increase energy prices, more than likely. Again, remember: Obama's goal is NOT to reduce your gas prices.
President Barack Obama Thursday repeated his plea for lawmakers to repeal billions in annual incentives for big oil companies ahead of a doomed Senate vote on the matter. “Today, members of Congress h...
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Somebody needs to look up the definition of "subsides".
+Margaret Leber Maybe these aren't according to Hoyle subsidies, but the effect is the same: market distortion because of top-down government policy. Last year I calced out that we spend $16 per barrel of oil on military operations to stabilize the oil supply from the Middle East and Africa. There's no way to calc the covert operations, and this doesn't include other international aid subsidies that go towards the same effect. Meanwhile, there is a real externality when it comes to oil spills that is only going to get worse as we are driven into open pit and offshore oil mining. Ending all the "actual subsidies" and the "tax breaks" doesn't even come close to pricing oil right so that the free market to work. Personally, I'm not a fan of government manipulation of the markets until we drive off the cliff of peak oil.
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