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Kudos to the Marine Corps!  Do not let such hate stand. 

NBC’s Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski reported that Marine Corps officials took serious issue with Reid’s implication that the explosion was a result of sequester cuts, and said that was not the reason for the accident. One official went so far as to say Reid was doing “nothing but pure political posturing on the backs of these dead Marines.” They told Miklaszewski that the live-fire training exercise was planned well in advance and would not have taken place if they felt the Marines were at risk because of the cuts.
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I say let Reid visit a few Marine bases and see if he comes out alive.
When what actually happens is the truth will eventually be found out and it was a bad error of some sort and someone. All those rounds from the smallest to the largest are stored in a bunker usually concrete and metal. And they are inert and have to have some sort of primer to fire them. Plus there are other safety precautions I have forgotten over all the years since I was one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. Another words something or someone screwed up BIG TIME.
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