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Recruiting  - 
Commitment #22.
() He can keep the helmet. [Photo credit: Scout] 247's Steve Lorenz reports that Michigan has picked up a commitment from three-star Upper Marlboro (MD) Riverdale Baptist cornerback Sir Patrick Scott during today's BBQ at the Big House.
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You mean nations of far greater ethnic and racial purity?
This election cycle, two candidates have dared to touch a third rail in American politics. The shibboleth that politicians are suddenly willing to discuss is the idea that America might have something to learn from other countries. The most notable example is Bernie Sanders, who renewed his praise for Western Europe in a recent interview with Ezra Klein.
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We have much to learn from other countries.  In the majority, how not to do things.
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This is what happens when you lack a strategy for victory.
The terror army took on the world’s superpower—and is still standing. No wonder they’re drawing fresh recruits from around the globe.
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CIA training and the US military supplying ISIS with arms. 
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“Everybody knows me to be a progressive or a liberal or lefty or whatever. I think of myself as a bleeding-heart conservative. You will not f— with my Bill of Rights, my Constitution, my guarantees of political justice for all. But does my heart bleed for those who need help and aren’t getting the justice that the country promises them and the equal opportunity the country promises? Yes. I’m a bleeding heart, but I think myself to be a total social conservative. The people who are running just don’t seem to have America on their minds, not the America I think about. When I was a kid we were in love with America. As early as I can remember, there was a civics class in my public school. And I was in love with those things that guaranteed freedom before I learned that there were people who hated me because I was Jewish. I had a Bill of Rights and a Constitution, those words out of the Declaration that protected me. And I knew about that because we had civics in class. We don’t have that much in the country anymore. So before World War II or shortly after, we were in love with America because we understood what it was about and that’s what we were in love with. I believe everybody’s patriotic today. Everybody loves America. But I don’t need their flag plans to prove it. I’d like to go back to civics lessons.”
Legendary TV producer Norman Lear stopped by the Televisison Critics Association’s press tour in Beverly Hills to promote an upcoming PBS...
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He contributed a great deal to where we are today.
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Give him credit...he is more rational than many on the progressive left.
During a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce event, Sen. Bernie Sanders explained that mass illegal immigration would hurt wages in America.
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This won't be decided during his Presidency...courts will take long time.
Opponents have vowed to sue over the administration's forthcoming mandate that power plants cut carbon dioxide emissions 32 percent by 2030
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Just Raise the cost of manufacturing in the US and then complain nobody will hire Americans. Perfect Plan.
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Open Discussion  - 
Caring about the environment was an American thing back in the 1960s and '70s, when pollution clogged our rivers and streams and litter piled up on our highways and streets; you felt patriotic about it.

Today's environmentalists — the kind who look at “climate change” as a religion preaching that non-believers will burn in hell — have won; Appalachian jobs, people, communities and families have lost.

We all used to be in this together, cleaning up pollution and litter, punishing companies that did bad things in the night — but retaining the industries that provided jobs that kept generations of families together in the communities where they lived.
In May, Murray Energy, which sits along the old National Pike here in eastern Ohio, told nearly 1,500 workers at five of its West Virginia mines that their jobs were eliminated. In Ohio, 249 Murray...
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USA what a sad country when they put their politicians, celebrity's guns above the law
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Nationalized Socialism with ethical treatment of political prisoners of course
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I still don't think the criminality of the Fast & Furious program has been fully revealed to the American public yet ....and probably won't be, until Obama is deep into his post-Presidency. I don't think the government was really all that interested in tracking those guns; they can't even track all of the illegal gun purchases that take place inside the US - how were they planning on tracking guns used by Mexican cartels... who are some of the most armed gangs on the planet? Very little about this makes much sense.... unless you look at it from the standpoint of generating incidents that would help your cause, if you wanted to take all of the guns out of Americans' hands.
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Socialism, in all its glory.
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This was a rented warehouse the State took over by eminent domain. That is how it works. Private foreign pipeline companies taking over your farmland using eminent domain is a larger malfeasance.
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If Jefferson and Jackson aren't good enough for Democrats, who else could possibly make the cut?
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"Racist" & "White privilege" are attempts to silence opposition. Right,+Michael Bramlett?
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