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Tell me again, how is this country expected to survive?
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Critique of a recent Washington Examiner column was comparing apples to oranges.
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Why am I never that broke?
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And...your second moment of Zen. 
A Canadian vet is studying how the technology behind fitness wearables could help beef herds stay healthy.
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I don't like it, but rational thinking should win out. 

"Trophy hunting is a form of wildlife use that, when well managed, may assist in furthering conservation objectives by creating the revenue and economic incentives for the management and conservation of the target species and its habitat, as well as supporting local livelihoods," the IUCN announced in a 2012 report.

That same report reveals two case studies where the establishment and proper regulation of trophy hunting grounds actually helped threatened animal populations recover. Nature writer Richard Conniff shared even more examples in a 2014 op-ed published in the New York Times, including that of Namibia, where lion populations are now increasing.
By now, you've probably heard that Cecil, one of Africa's most beloved lions, was killed by a Minnesota dentist on a trophy hunt. Cecil, who dwelled in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park and was closely...
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You mean allowing private ownership and well managed for profit conservation is a smart idea??  

Who'd have thunk it....
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One of the greatest myths about the Cadillac tax is that "EMPLOYERS WILL INCREASE WAGES TO OFFSET BENEFIT REDUCTIONS." Really??? The marketplace and the real world does not work that way. Companies will not automatically, dollar for dollar, increase taxable wages to compensate for cost increases passed on to employees. That doesn't occur now when businesses are forced to pass increased health-care costs to its workforce.

Eventually, the 40% tax will apply to modest plans (not just high-cost coverage, as originally intended), and this hurts the ability of employers to continue to offer quality and affordable employer-sponsored health-care for attraction, retention, and engagement, as part of a broader total rewards value proposition.

Employers are already re-structuring their group health plans. Many organizations are redesigning their benefits packages to delay incurring the tax, but the excise tax provisions will make it all but impossible over time for employers to offer plans that fully comply with the Affordable Care Act while avoiding the tax on employee health benefits.
Companies will not automatically, dollar for dollar, increase taxable wages to compensate for cost increases passed on to employees. That doesn't occur now when businesses are forced to pass increased health-care costs to its workforce.
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Twentieth Century Motor Company, all over again....
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The attacks, which killed more than 100,000 instantly, ushered in two competing races — one to amass stockpiles of nuclear warheads, the other to prevent their proliferation
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It's fascinating to me that nuclear reactions are, on average 1,000,000 times more powerful than chemical reactions.  Curious number, to me.  Not 10,000 times more powerful; not 100,000 times, but a whopping million times more.  Why such a large gap?  Just fascinating.
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No outrage on social media over this though.  So...yeah. 
Women, children, even toddlers—the Islamic State’s goal is to sell them on an open market to men of all means, especially the young jihadis on whom the caliphate depends.
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The National Abortion Federation doesn't want video from a meeting of abortion providers released by pro-life journalists. An Obama appointee is helping.
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NAF = National Abortion Federation which I assume is one of those White Nationalist Neo-Nazi Groups
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Sen. Rand Paul says pro-life Democrats hold the key to passing legislation in the Senate that would completely defund Planned Parenthood.

“There are several Democrats who say they are pro-life,” Paul tells The Daily Signal.

“It’s not a guarantee that we get all the Republicans on this,” he adds. “The vast majority of Republicans will support this but we need a few Democrats. If we can get six Democrats and all the Republicans we can actually put this on the president’s desk.”

And then Obama will veto it.

We need to elect a President to get this done. 
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