Saw the Galaxy S5 in person today at Best Buy. Spent quality time (Close to 1 hour) with the latest beast from Samsung.
Best Buy only had the 16 GB White version.

I was able to try everything except Finger Print Scanner as it was disabled for demo units across all Best Buy locations.
I really wanted to check if thumb will work as 99% of users use thumbs to unlock the phone & it will feel pretty damn irritating to hold the phone in 1 hand & then use other hands finger to unlock the device.

1. Looks better than Galaxy S4 or any other S series models.
2. ISOCELL Camera is super awesome. (Quick Focus and Live HDR  mode being the highlights)
3. Apparently no lag whatsoever in the 1 hour I spent.
4. Even though not everything has changed but a refresh of touch wiz is most welcome
5. SD Card slot is always a win win

May be useful gimmicks for some people:
1. Hear Rate monitor is precise 
2. Kids mode is also pretty interactive
3. Ultra Power saving mode is useful and may be a real life saver
4. Dust & Water resistance also comes in handy
5. Replaceable battery- why not, its always good to have the option
6. Download Booster also helps to accelerate even more
7. Recent apps window is much bigger in terms of App name

1. Not even close to Z2 & All new HTC One in terms of looks
2. Unable to test Fingerprint Scanner

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Looks great. I will kindly disagree with you on the looks of this vs the one. The s5 looks better in my opinion .
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