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Wish you all a happy diwali and a prosperous new year!!!

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Help Greenpeace!

Are you ready to make a World Record to save your food from genetic modification? The government is gearing up to table the suspicious Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) bill.[1]

If created, BRAI will become an absolute authority, easing the approval of genetically modified (GM) crops in our country. Then we will not be able to stop them. We need to persuade the Prime Minister to protect our food and to do that we need to make the demand against GM food more visible.

We can do this by making the World’s Biggest GM Free Baingan Bharta.[2] The size of this Bharta depends on the number of signatures on the petition asking the PM to stop the bill. One lakh signatures on the petition will help make this World Record.

You should ask Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to stop this bill because it is not transparent and is against our right to safe food.

Thousands of people across the country came out to protest against GM crops on Quit India day, yesterday. Public opposition saved the brinjal from genetic modification.[3]Now we need to save all our vegetables from this threat.

The last known version of the bill leaked by the media allowed BRAI to escape the purview of the Right to Information act.[4] The bill will create an autocratic body which will mess with our food.
Ask the PM to stop this bill now!

Thanks a billion!

Kapil Mishra
Sustainable Agriculture Campaigner
Greenpeace India
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