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Prabhakar Pandey
I believe in Keep Learning and Exploring World Around Me !
I believe in Keep Learning and Exploring World Around Me !

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NOTE : I respect Indian currency and this video is only made for information purpose!

On launch of new notes there were a lot of people guessing and spreading rumours of a micro chip loaded in new currency. So we thought to check its reality.

Though new ₹2000 currency is even smaller than old ₹1000 and ₹500 notes, but having enriched security features.

On test result we found that it withstand the heavy direct tap water test and every details on it remain as it is.
Plus point is the embossed ₹2000 near Gandhi doesn't flatten at all !

Thanks for watching!

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The day when we started !

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In 2016 B.C., a farmer in the Indus Valley travels to a city and saves the life of a beautiful woman.

Pooja Hegde talking about her experience and about behind the scene.

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Giving some editing to the viral video of the decade !
It is still getting at least one million/month of view.
According to Wikipedia it as shown as a short film !

"Charlie bit my finger — again !", more simply known as Charlie Bit My Finger or Charlie Bit Me, is a 2007 Internet viral video famous for formerly being the most viewed YouTube video"

We are trying to make it more enjoying !

Watch more at :

reach me on facebook at :
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Thanks for your attention !

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Khosla Associates Architecture and Designing firm Based in Bangalore Best top 10 Architect Award Wi

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Khosla Associates : Leading Architecture and Design Firm in Bangalore, India

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Wishing Gopal jee Pandey A very Happy Birthday : Prabhakar Pandey

We shared our time and happiness together. We were always Saath Saath ! But Career separated Us ! 13 July is his day ... But I was not there this time.
I wanted to do some special for my dearest and heart nearest friends and made this video !

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Khosla Associates Professional Architectural Solutions Interior and Exterior Design Development House office Schools and Luxury Appartments
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