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The last two ordinary Board Members are elected:

Sebastian Krone and +Thomas Gaul both from Germany.

Congratulations to both
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+Koen De Voegt and +Maša Čorak are the new Co-Chairpersons of Pirate Parties International.

Now the elections for Board Members and Alternate Board Members.

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Lulz of the day +Anton Nordenfur

And you did an excellent job! You are hired next GA as well Anton!
+Anders Kleppe needs to be keelhauled now and then ;)
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Europe going in another direction than USA and China?

+European Parliament decision to keep the Internet neutral.

#netneutrality   #netzneutralität   #网络中立   #neutralidaddelared   #neutralidadedarede   #neutralitédunet  
#BREAKING   #netneutrality  and #reforms  in #Europe  

Europeans with the understanding of the importance of an  #openinternet  can breathe a sigh of relief for now:

+European Parliament  has passed a major package of telecoms law reform, complete with amendments that properly define and protect net neutrality.

Summary: It was a closely-fought contest, but Europe’s crucial telecoms package has passed through its first European Parliament vote, as have amendments that remove loopholes that would have clashed with the open internet.
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Have them in circles
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Last round of elections is for Alternate Board Members.

Votes has been counted and the results are:

Marco Confalonieri, Italy
Min Chiaki, Japan
Chemseddine Ben Jemaa, Tunisia
Yasin Aydin, Turkey

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Three first ordinary Board Members elected:

+Thomas Gaul 
+Anders Kleppe 
+Gregory Engels 

New votes for the next two ordinary members to be elected soon.

Discussions on how to vote the last two are to be elected (proposed change of procedure) to spped up the voting process.
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New Co-Chairpersons:

Maša Čorak from Pirate Party Croatia and Koen DeVoegt from Pirate Party Belgium

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PPI General Assembly 2014 Nanterre, Paris

Counting the votes for Co-Chairpersons....

Results will soon be ready.
Follow the elections on +Pirate Times 
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PPI - Pirate Parties International
Pirate Parties International is a worldwide organization of Pirate Parties.

Pirate Parties International is a worldwide organization of Pirate Parties. Originally started in 2006 to coordinate the efforts of European Pirate Parties in running in elections for the European Parliament, it has grown to an international organization bringing together 29 Pirate Parties from 4 continents. The formal founding of the "PPI" took place in April 2010 at the international pirate conference in Brussels. It's aim is to to help establish, to support and promote, and to maintain communication and co-operation between pirate parties around the world.
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