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640 Members in the WoW Guild, and more being added every day.
Lots of Guild Achievements, and Guild Perks unlocked.
Here's some of the stats below.

Or, if you want to browse around yourself, here's the Blizz Profile:

And if you want in, We're on Oceanic, Frostmourne, Horde.
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Oh, what a fantastic new feature. Now, with an Android TV, you can race against your mates split screen!

Console gaming without a console!
Well, looks like I should get an AndroidTV sometime soon.
Latest Real Racing 3 update works on the bastards.
Console gaming, minus the console.
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So, I've been crunching the numbers, and Research Lab, Research Tier will hit Tier 3 next.

This is what it will take:
10,800 Research Station Research Experience
(9 "Research Temporal Theories III" Projects)

Which involves a total of:
198 Research Lab Provisions
(22 Per Project)

4,788 Warp Coils
(532 Per Project)

360,000 Expertise
(40,000 Per Project)

153 Common Science or Medical Duty Officers
(17 Per Project)

117 Common Civilian Duty Officers
(13 Per Project)

205,200 Dilithium
(22,800 Per Project)

6,435 Fleet Marks
(715 Per Project)

Either way, I'm still farming Duty Officers on 12 characters, and i will start adding them into the research lab projects over the starbase ones.
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Don't forget to join the official PSGN +Clash of Clans​ Clan on Android!
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+Daniel Fitzgerald ("DazzaJay") pushed out an update to the STO Guides app last night.
It's mainly bug fixes, Such as:
> Replaced "Firefox+AdblockPlus"  with the "Adblock Browser" in the Skill Planner.
> Corrected the link to Pothole Studios YouTube in the Authors Links page.
> Updated the button textures in the Authors Links page.
> Adjusted the Fleet Forum/RSS/Community page to solve an issue where the page would continually load until out of memory.
> Adjusted the Pothole Studios Gaming News page to solve an issue where the page would continually load until out of memory.
> Replaced the defunct Events Calendar page with the App Patch Notes Page. (You're looking at it now!)
> Corrected the typo "Vilcan" to "Vulcan" in the Commodities Price Guide.
> Videos now load from the PSGN YouTube page, instead of +Daniel Fitzgerald's Personal Channel.
> Added a "See all our STO Videos" button to the Videos page, which will take you to all our STO Videos.
> Updated our Fleet Recruiting Information.

Also, it's our first build made with the new "AppInventor2"

Either way, grab the update and we will see you Starside!
More updates to come in the next few weeks. and maybe even a "Promo Video" for the app, staring none other than DazzaJay! He's already got a blue-screen, a camera, and a tripod, and a Starfleet Uniform! we just need to make sure it all works :-P
This fan community made app is a collection of basic game guides for the po...
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Have them in circles
81 people
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Just to keep things on an average level of confusing, we now have a Star Trek Timelines Fleet.

Just like our STO fleet, our STT fleet is called "The Icarus Factor"

So, get STT on your Android device, and join the fleet!
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Current STO Fleet Stats [25-April-2015]
160 Members in Roster.
Fleet Level 50.
And attached are screenshots of both the Holdings Levels and the Provision amounts.
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Corrected the original post, however there's no way to edit this repost without deleting/resharing again.
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We've updated the requirements for promotions within the STO Fleets.
It's easier to get promoted now, and hopefully this should prompt some of  newer players to contribute to the fleet projects.

The ranks are now as follows:

1. Trial Member
This is the entry level rank, everyone starts here.

2. Full Member
There are two ways to obtain "Full Member" rank.
Be an active member here on the fleets Forum/Community.
Reach 10,000 Overall Fleet Holdings Contribution.
(Previously it was 100,000)

3. VIP Member
Obtained by reaching 100,000 Overall Fleet Holdings Contribution.
(Previously it was 500,000)


To check your holdings contribution, Click the Fleet Button under the minimap, then click [Roster] and select Overall Holdings Contribution at the top of the right column. (See Screenshots)
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Don't forget to join the official PSGN +Boom Beach​ Task Force on Android!
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Continuing the move of our STO Videos from Daniel Fitzgerald's Personal Profile to our official gaming page.

Part Seven, How to disable Armor/Shield visuals on both your Ship and your Character,
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