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So, the fucksticks at WMG / SME have muted the audio on one of our videos for "Copyrighted Music".
Considering the video used music from Youtube's own Royalty-Free Media Library. and the video in question was never monetised, and was only ever used to tell people about a FREE game server in a FREE online game.

Because of this, we have a new policy: We will no longer be purchasing ANY music published by WMG / SME.
Sorry dickheads, but you just lost loyal customers.

We also recommend that if you're thinking about buying music from these fucknuckles, DON'T.

We have hidden the video from our channel until we get the time to edit together a new version using different tracks from the Youtube Music Library.

Fuck WMG & SME - Buch of thieving fuckfaces.
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Join the PSGN Club in Gran Turismo 6!
You know you want to!!/clubid/1007334/
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Great news! the 5.1 update for the STO Guides app should be rolling out within the next few hours!
This is a minor update to correct a few things while the PSGN web server is offline.
This fan community made app is a collection of basic game guides for the po...
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Looking to join the Star Trek Online fleet?
Then Post here with your Character Name,@Handle, and Faction.
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looking for a good fleet: Clark@logankent
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Looking for the STO fleet? Then read below:

The Web Server hosting the official website ( ) just failed (No surprise, Hard Drives fail all the time)
But this does mean that the Web Site will not be accessible for a number of days while I organise a new server.

In the meantime I have set up temporary forwarding on the URL to go to the Google+ Page. So anyone looking for will end up at

In the place of Forums, I have set up a G+ Community So if you're looking to join the Star Trek Online fleet, or the Pothole Studios General Forums, then Click here:
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Twisted metal :) 
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Join me and the rest of the +Pothole Studios Gaming Network IN Star Trek Online. We are always looking for new players and fresh faces. Or contact me in game @cosmic_cheese
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In their circles
64 people
Have them in circles
60 people
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Gran Turismo 6, 1.16 patch is out.
Midfield Raceway, paintable custom rear wings, B spec, and a Mini Vision GT car are some of the awesome updates!

Don't forget to join our GT6 club!!/clubid/1007334/
Download it now!
A major new update for GT6 brings back one of the most beloved original circuits in the series history.
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wish i was on more when others were i never get to race but with assholes >_<
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Great News! Gran Turismo 6 update 1.14 introduces "Clubs"
Join the official Pothole Studios Gaming Network GT6 Club here!
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+Daniel Fitzgerald will release a minor update to the STO Guides Android App within the next few days that will correct some of the links temporarily while the servers are offline.
This fan community made app is a collection of basic game guides for the po...
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Unfortunately, the Official Pothole Studios site is down. (I have a backup of all the files, but i will need to finish the new server first)
Until then, this G+ Community will serve as the Pothole Studios Forums.
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GTA V - Mission pay after 1.16 Update
v1.16 Mission Pay on Hard (Solo)
Blue represents the lowest paying missions in each time index.
Red represents which missions paid the most within each Time Index.

Trash Talk (With Buzzard) seems to be the best.

Knowing that the pay will only Increase with more players, by the same percentage regardless of mission pay, this graph should be pretty much the same regardless of how many players. (Albeit increased by a specific percentage)

Mission Pay is generally calculated by Time Taken to complete.
There's 3 speeds at which the price increases.

From 1 to 4 minute mark, the reward increase is fast.
From 6 to 15 minutes the reward increase half's in speed.
After 15 minutes the reward ceases to increase at all.

Pay Steps up at Specific intervals.
1:00 - 1:59 (1 Minute)
2:00 - 2:59 (1 Minute)
3:00 - 3:59 (1 Minute)
4:00 - 5:59 (2 Minutes)
6:00 - 7:59 (2 Minutes)
8:00 - 9:59 (2 Minutes)
10:00 - 11:59 (2 Minutes)
12:00 - 14:59 (3 Minutes)
15:00 + (Top level cap)

My original graph using Only Coveted is here:

My data for this new graph is all here:

Overall I have analysed 59 missions. I was not doing speed runs for everything (Some were, some weren't) as I wanted to get as wide of a variety of times taken as possible.
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The Pothole Studios Gaming Network GTAV Crew is going quite well for a small crew, Especially in Race, but that's what we do, we race. and when we're not racing races, we're building races!

So, check out the crew:

Check out our maps:

Check out our Snaptastic:

And, check out some of our new Favourite maps:

Daredevil Bus Jump
Get high or die trying! Are you as fearless as Evil Knievel? Think you can launch over 14 Busses? CATCH UP MUST BE OFF! Else the race leader will not make the distance!

Hole in the Wall
Can you come through the gloryhole?

Four Way Explosive Mayhem
Mid Air Collisions 'r Us

Suburban Monsters
Show those mirror park hipsters what you think of their lake, by driving your Liberator Monster Truck through it! CUSTOM VEHICLES MUST BE TURNED OFF!

Monster Truck Sandmess
Monster Trucks on the beach. CUSTOM VEHICLES MUST BE OFF!

"PSGN Favourites" Playlist coming Soon!
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"The Machinima and Gaming Experts"
Pothole Studios is a Machinima and Gaming clan started in 2005 and was originally based around halo 2 on Xbox Live.
These days it is a general Gaming Clan that hosts multiple servers across many game platforms.
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