Welcome to Portland State's new Google+ page! Here we'll be sharing news, photos, videos, and more. Spread the word, add us to your circles, and stay tuned as we develop our page!
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I just happened to search for this page, and you would not believe how happy I was to find that it exists! XD Welcome aboard the G+ train - snacks and refreshments are just down the hall.
It's the same with many organizations, unfortunately. There's real potential here for collaboration!
G+ may not be the "hot new thing" any more, but I completely agree - especially since I don't use Facebook. =)
I wonder if and when they'll even comment on this thread or are aware that people are talking about them ;)
I know the guy who does social media for PSU, gunna have to have a word with him. :)
Excellent. It might have possibly fallen by the wayside to other priorities, but it should still be a priority. Let us know what he says after you talk to him! ^-^
We are aware that this page has not been updated since 11/9. According to a comScore report, users spent just 3.3 minutes on Google+ in January compared to 7.5 hours for Facebook. Other reports point to a downward trend for Google's new social network. The report also showed that in December, users spent 4.8 minutes on the network and 5.1 minutes in November.

In short, while we recognize the value each unique social platform brings to various audiences, we are also mindful and strategic of staff time and resources spent on each platform. Per PSU's social media guidelines, we've always believed in quality, not quantity and have dedicated most of our time and energy on elevating our existing presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, WordPress, and Foursquare, which we launched last summer. We are currently exploring Pinterest as well and gearing up for our signature social media event, Tweetup, for next term.

Thank you to everyone's posts and those following us here. We look forward to your feedback on the type of content you'd like to see from us here.
A comScore report, +Portland State University?

PSUs desired result in the area of social media would do better if it posted more often than just 09NOV and today. I understand prioritizing with where might be hip or given a nice number by a third party like comScore, but posting nothing accomplishes just that... nothing.
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