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The National Association of REALTORS® reported that fireplaces add approximately $12,000 to a home's value with 46% of home buyers willing to pay more for a home with one. Learn more about this hot home renovation project!
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One of the greatest benefits of electric fireplaces is its simplicity. No logs to replace, no ash to clean, no worry of stray embers—these are just a few of the many ways electric fireplaces make cozy living easier than ever.

But the greatest convenience fits in the palm of your hand. Remote control electric fireplaces transform your environment with the ambient warmth of a fire from the comfort of your couch (preferably with a hot cocoa in hand).
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Add a cozy aroma to your home with an Oak Electric Fireplace. A popular choice for traditional and conventional interiors, the rich finish of oak is unmistakable and capable of bringing back a lifetime of memories.
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5 Secrets to Clean a BBQ Grill Without Breaking a Sweat
Summer is set to begin on June 21st and with that means lots of barbecues grates. Check out these secret tips for cleaning grills to make this year the year that you change the way you clean your grates forever! 
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Antique White Electric Fireplaces
Antique electric fireplaces add a convenience of modern technology while capturing the picturesque styling with old-fashioned charm. Rustic décor is a style that emphasizes natural elements, tones, and materials that create a cozy setting. The purity of white is cleansing, lifting the tone of the room.
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Dimplex XLF Series Multi-Fire XD™ Electric Linear Wall Fireplace
The XLF Multi-Fire Wall Fireplace was presented the Vesta Award by Hearth & Home Magazine. The Vesta Award recognizes and honors companies for their innovation in product design and/or technology. The XLF Multi-Fire Series was recognized for exceptional sophistication and eco-friendly design.

Posed as the true alternative to gas, the Multi-Fire XD features a flame effect that reproduces a natural frame with a breadth of ambient light themes ranging in color and intensity. Dimplex has a patent pending on the flame effect, which features a non-repetitive and realistic electric flame.
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BLF Prism Series Electric Fireplace from Dimplex
We've got an inside peak of the new BLF Prism Series from Dimplex. This new linear fireplace will serve as the predecessor to the best selling Synergy Wall Fireplace. See what everybody was talking about during the 2015 HPBA Expo!

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The White House Hotel | Client Spotlight
Pictures from a project completed at the White House Biloxi Hotel in MI along the banks of the Gulf of Mexico. We supplied our friends with 25 commercial grade natural gas fire pits for use on the upper patio decks. Our fire pits are nested around sectional seating areas where patrons enjoy the amazing view the hotel has to offer. We're proud to say that this order was delivered as promised in 2 weeks!

Working with White House Biloxi Hotel was truly a pleasure. If you're interested in taking a trip to Mississippi or searching for a wedding venue, be sure to check out this location. One of the newest sights and attractions, the White House Biloxi Hotel is a historical hotel that first opened in 1895. After being left vacant in the 80's the venue was recently reopened in 2014. It's a beachfront property within miles of many of the areas main attractions. Visit to learn more.

#mississippi   #biloxi   #travel  

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8 Perfect Ways to Make Your Fireplace the Focal Point
A fireplace can boost the value of your home by an average of $12,000 but having the right design will help maximize these incentives. Adding an extra $12k to your networth in a few hours of work. Do we have your attention now?

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A review of the popular Dimplex Amsden Opti-Myst. The Amsden has a distinguished box frame construction that makes it a double-sided fireplace. A concealed water tank is used to employ a life-like smoke display that gives you the complete experience of a real fireplace without the smoke and hassle of cleaning out soote and ashes.
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