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Only the best is good enough...
Only the best is good enough...

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PortaMx Forum version 1.3 released
A lot of code / Javascript / CSS optimizes and changes.

New Spider detection:
Now we use a long list of all Spider they operate Wordwide.
You don't need to add Spiders manually, this is made automatically if we detect a new Spider, they is not in the list.
We plans to make monthly updates for this Spiderlist via Package-Manager if we detect new Spider.

ECL-Routines changed:
Now we use the Service GeoPlugin to detect if a user inside or outside the EU.

Also we create a "Landing Page".
That means, a incomming Visitor see the Page in the language, they "normaly" speeking in his Country.
Currently users from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein see the Page in German language.
If the user logged out the page is shown in the language he have set in his profile.
This if (offcouse) expandable if we have more Languages.

As Fallback (if we get no data from GeoPlugin and the IP is not cached) the ECL is allways shown.

The Portal Fader Block is rewritten, now we use JQuery Fading Effect for this.

The Cookie handling code optimized.

The Cache code optimized

The Text/Code they you see in the WYSIWYG Editor is now exacly what you see, if you show then Post itself

We have now two BBC Token for Source-codes
CODE - to show any code (can be copied directly)
PHP - to show colored (PHP) code (can not copied directly)
Tabulators in the code are not removed
In the Editor we use spaces, on save the Post these converted back to tabs

Parsing of BB-Codes optimized

New custom BB-Code Javascript for the WYSIWYG Editor created

New Image Proxy-Routine added

All external BB-Code Links now have the attribute taget="_blank" rel="noopener"

Language strings optimized and fixed (English and German)

If the Portal enabled, you can perform (as Admin) a Spidertest to see your Site like a Spider

Spider logging otimized and fixed (Date Format not follow the used language)

... and many other optimizes and changes

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Screenshots from our Forum ... with a Nexus 7
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We released a small update (manually install) for PortaMx 1.54 ecl.
This update adds panel hidding on mobile devices and fixed two smaller bugs.

Today we released the version PortaMx 1.54 ecl for SMF 2.0.x

This version fixed a lot of smaller bugs the users have reported and we found.
We update the RSS reader to work with a https protocol and modify some other functions.

You can update a installed version 1.52/1.53 or make a fresh install.
Look at your PortaMx Admin Center to see the Update option.

Today we released a fresh PortaMx 1.53 ecl for SMF 2.0.9.

This release will fix the reported security leaks (html ckeditor - file manager and ECL overlay).
We replaced the very old fckeditor version with the lastest release of the ckeditor and a new filemanager.
The ECL overlay is also updated so all known leaks are fixed now.

Download on:
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Today we update PortaMx 2.0 Virgo with a new HTML Editor ... latest version of ckeditor !
Also we have added a file uploader to the ckeditor, for better and simpler handling.
Also we fixed a lot of smaller bugs and optimize the code basis and the templates.
Huuuhh .. this was a very long run last night ;-)

For the near future we plans to add this editor also in the PortaMx version for SMF 2.0x.
Also a lot of changes and optimized is planned ...
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PortaMx is a free, fast and powerful Portal Extension for SMF 2 and expands the forum with panels (head, top, left, right, bottom, foot), a Frontpage and Single pages. PortaMx is installable through the SMF Package manager and is full integrated into the SMF 2 Software.

PortaMx have a own Administration Center (PAC), from where you can manage all settings, your content and additional languages.

Visit the PortaMx Community on Google+.
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