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In case you’re wondering how Santa Claus delivers presents around the world in one night…it has to do with the power of all-wheel drive.
Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 5: 911 models 11.7-8.2 l/100km, CO2 emission: 275-194 g/km
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Santa Claus only drives the best
santa claus stop by my home please...
Tina Ab
Santa and Porsche.. Best Combination.. 
And does he ever give me one for Christmas? noooo. /grumble
Santa! When you are done delivering presents please leave that beautiful car at my house. Owh.. what a nicely design rear!
Don't use Santa as a cheap marketing captain please
Santas elfs in the workshop are better than I thought. I know Porsches seem to "fly", but it seems this one actually does. 
yeah, too bad there is no place to place presents, nor his beard inside it :^P
Hak An
Hey Porsche guys, do you give away one as a present ???
I'd take one... Thanks in advance !

And don't forget the Petrol-Coupon for a year !
With all due respect, but how does he fit his presents in there?
Hak An
No really !
I'm expecting one from you...
Hear me Porsche guys ???
Kind of disproportionately size if o compare the car in the picture with that foot 
So, what you're saying is: your car is useless, unless it's being pulled by nine magic reindeer?
How many reindeer does it take to get that off the ground? Lol
shouldn't it be called all-hoof-drive?
They have one thing in common, the design of Santa's Sleigh and Porsche has been the same boring shape for 2000 years.
but there are no tracks behind the car... does he drive it backwards?
Internet of things! 
If thats the case why hasn't Santa driven the car? Maybe he has just taken it from his sack and left it as a present.
Evan T
Santa wouldn't be able to fit in the car
I asked him to get me this car, Instead he took it for himself :(
ha el
Considering the limited size of the trunk there must be only jewelry under the tree this year.
dear santa, when ur done delivering the gifts, you can leave your car to me. har har!
hokole moter de ho che ma sara wo kana <mubark ho yea car>
Is that one broken down? No tire tracks so not been used and Santa is walking away from it.
i wish santa claus give me a brand new porsche as a gift to me .....
Santa drives a sleigh cuz it's easier to get to the chimney and cuz he can't fit in a car!
this car should never be in this weather

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Is it just me, or are there no tire tracks?
He could do it faster if he had a BMW: the ultimate driving machine. jk :)
Man, Santa's elves need to learn a bit about scale - either that or Jolly Green is filing in for St. Nick this year.
But my mum told me he rides on a sledge :(
Fake,.. 100% photoshop... and besides, everyone knows that fat ass couldn't sit in your car. 
Jim D
I like the bathtub porsche from the 60's
munju s
Please dont shatter kids dreams...fact is Santa doesant drive car,Santa is driven by his raindeer's on his sledge.Period.
Doug M.
Real Porsche owners don't give gifts. They receive them.
Jim D
They called it a bathtub porsche
+Trisha Ambekar lol so was the comment, doh...  
Ah HAA! I always knew Santa drives a Porsche.
All wheel drive is useless without the right rubber 
you would fit about 3 presents in the boot, max, thats a lot of driving back and forth to the north pole. dedication
I would be happy if Santa gives a turbo as the Christmas
if he could fit down a chimney, he can fit his gift bag in the trunk... it's called magic, o ye of little faith..... LOL
Love  that car
Nice if you own, else a snap
Great ad.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Q aI
Nevermind the presents fitting in there. What about santa's fat ass.
why there are no tracks? did he fly in this Porsche? plus, where's the melted snow right next to exhaust? just... weird...
Wish Santa would leave that for me! Sweet!!!
Yeah cause that all wheel drive works wonders in the ocean
it must fly, their are no tire prints, 
God does not have a son, you pay for your own sins, Jesus was not born on 25 dec, Santa was invented by coca cola in 19th century, Christmas is a lie. The worst of abuse is abusing the only true god by associating him a partner. If you wish anyone Christmas you are abusing you god. Take a pledge today not to abuse our creator
I do have a son.  (Get it? Ah haha)
hope santa would stop by my house and leave one of those 911 carrera turbo's. ain't gonna happen. i'll keep dreaming :"""""""""""(
VW came up with a better idea (how the snow plow driver gets to the snow plow) years ago.
actually thats not true at all, if he were to try to go all around the world in a car, the car would sink in the many oceans he tried to cross
Lee Phu
lol, this is pretty awesome. new Porsche travels over on water?

Especially how it does not leave tracks. I guess the engine is called Rudolf:)
I like Porsche, but I've never heard of magic trunk space being an option. How else will he fit those toys?
Really great car!!! I LOVE PORSCHE!!!
Let's be honest though, with all that torque and those fat tyres he probably put his foot down, the wheels just span in the snow for a minute before he thought "Wait a minute, I'm sure I've got 8 magic flying reindeer and a sleigh knocking around somewhere....".
cool way to deliver presents around the world
Advertising has become pathetic...... 
I don't want to ruin the comments but, is it just me or did he leave his brake lights on?
Santa is busted, got snow tracks all over!
Unless he backed into that spot it's assumed that it's all-wheel, Mag-Lev Drive because there's no tire tracks!!!!   Now that's high-tech!!!
need 1 red/black interior...pearl exterior...sorry
"Looks like PETA not getting their presents this year again," Santa said. "And don't forget the milk-n-cookies and leave the note," Comet said.
Fake, there are no tire tracks in the snow. Unless that Porsche... It can fly? ! (:
Hey +Porsche , do you guys realize that the new Boxter is so good looking, so well made, so functional, so economical, and so useable for daily activities that you could sell it at a commons mans price and make up your profits on volume alone? Just saying... 
wtf a mythical creature gets a Porsche but i dont? 
i thought he used a 4x4 F250 ?
That car didn't drive anywhere. Oh right, Santa can make a Porsche fly. 
Is this caaaaaaaar only for Santa or us tooooooooo? Santa plz lift us too!
Lol that looks kinda like my dads porshe but my dads is a bit darker santa you need a black black 1 the cops are gonna see you lol
Do you know a person named linda ramos segundo?
Do you know a person named linda ramos segundo?
Next years advertisement: "This year Santa's not going in a sleigh. This year he's going... TOTAL TANK!"
Nice .... verrrry nice in fakt....
That was on my list must have got lost on route!
It converts like a James Bond car and flies. Use a little magination.
Somebody notify the science committee! Porsche figured out how to break the light barrier! ... with all-wheel drive apparently
If Santa Claus drives that car, he only delivers diamonds to people who don't need them. Do the hokey pokey.
This is good but....
i like bucotee car..
+Ishtiaq Ali  : did you mean bugatti ? ha ha ha,,,,,,,,,,,,
rest in peace english,,,  lol
you sure santas going to spend that much on a car?
+Cary Varnado first thing I've noticed was no tracks.
First thought was, why does it needs all wheel drive when it obviously can fly/hover. 
how well does it go in snow? if i only had one to find out!
Drove it a while ago,the best,.....
Santa runs on diesel power. No warnings like on cigarette packs!
nice connection to cigarettes
Ike Ike
+Porsche Why deceive the less informed about this myth called Santa Claus? For crying out loud.....what is the point?
... and a left-hand drive.
Yes Ike there is a Santa Claus, He resides in the North pole and in the minds of all that chose to believe. And I do for a lot of reasons
the proportion in this picture is messed up
what a new convention is that...?
i think it is fitted for me...
Doood, he drives an old 2-stroke Saab
Where do the toys go?
When a porche can drive around the world in one night ill believe santa drives one
he got a new ride good lookin ride santa
this is a nice s
Car and looking so beautiful.
Wish you a happy "CHRISTMAS".
Still prefer a Caddy.

*cue haters.
Nope, Santa dumped it. Found out the car was solar powered and won't run at nighttime. Now he's looking for Rudolph. :) 
One would think Porsche could pay for a decent photoshopper.
Porche is a great car but the shifting is very tight
who cares man, santa comin in porshe, u want anything else..
just ask him to gift his porsche to you, that may be the mst christmas gift for you ever.
Wont even be costly for santa.
Hey brian quinn,
Santa came in Sleigh in 20th century
I mean come on mann grow up
You "think" that he comes in SLEIGH or you hope he does,
cause maybe you are jealous that he has a Porshe and you don't.
Don't worry, you'll have a LAMBO one day. LOLs
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Oh that was him leaving mine. It sure was great waking up to that. For all you bad girls and boys out there...................TOO BAD!
Ho  Ho  Ho  Santas gotta go... gotta get the presents to the kids you know... I'm a big kid waiting, waiting for my porche.. hurry Santa.
You want porche for your present. Peter. but today Christmas is already past. maybe you can change the other car or truck.
can't be true!
where does he put the bag with presents in such a small trunk?

ha ha, nice try ;)
well use the tesla it has a LOT of space in front and back AWESOME
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