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Get exclusive insights into the development of the new Porsche 911 with factory driver Joerg Bergmeister. More information on
Combined fuel consumption in accordance with EU 5: 911 models 11.7-8.2 l/100km, CO2 emission: 275-194 g/km
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Driver: (dialing 911) 
Police: How may i help you
Driver: My 911 is on fire!!!
Police: (Whatever) (cuts phone)
Wow, look what they did with the new 911!...nothing at all. Basically the same car as the first 911 in 1963.
no... you have to be blind to think that they look the same...
You dont have to make huge changes to classic perfection.
meglio la panamera 5 porte,per quanto riguarda la 911 se ci mettete i fari a led è molto meglio!!.
isn't it though one of the best cars ever 
and i thought "Bergmeister" is not a name of a developer, but the name for a car which speeds up the mountains quite fast ;) Porsche had "Bergmeister" cars, didn´t they?
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