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The Porsche 918 Spyder is on the road: Porsche has taken the development of the super sports car of the future a step further with completion of the initial prototypes. It is designed as a plug-in hybrid vehicle combining a high-performance combustion engine with cutting-edge electric motors for extraordinary performance: on the one hand, the dynamics of a racing machine boasting more than 770 hp, on the other hand, fuel consumption in the region of three litres per 100 kilometres.
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Han Roy
it's soooooo cool!
Who needs a car with 700hp?
It's like looking at a beautiful woman and you know what she'll do, but it's "only in your dreams" can you get behind the wheel. "Oh, God, God, God, would that I could get behind the wheel."
Lina L
Oh my God...porche...u really going far aint u?!
Son Ba
very good
Nice Car!! hope It cAn do bEtter Tournament
+Porsche It'd be nice if you add descriptions to all your posts like this one. Just sayin'...
Where can i purchase ... i hav the cake.
what the,I want that car!
damn i rilly would love to get behind the stirring of those wheels! it could be a dream come true for me
mmm, I wonder where they got visual inspiration from...(Ferrari). They even used the name Spyder. Impressive specs thou, can't argue with that!
what will be cost of this car...damn its cool
cz of d roads ovr here lol,,:D
great car to drive...........
Lets get 700 hp with electric motor and 100 pound battery and 300 mile range. Otherwise you are wasting resources on this stuff.
hey i can drive fast but i need help so that 1 day i can be michel schumark
beauty IN the liking where technology is headed.that is a dope car.
if a spider is quick on the kill then porsche must have an engine thoughtfull more than a fuhrer so a moustache and porsche do not travel hence battery power is close to an ignorance of....larry
i want that car in my garage ... but for that i have to own a garage , to own a garage i must have money, to have money i have to have a good job to have a good job i have to lear.. ---- NO.
i wanna take it home...cook it dinner and stare at it till dawn!
3 liter per 100 kilometers. Now that's engineering for such a car!
the fuel consumption is awesome
It's another car. So what?
looks nice, yes looks like a ferrari F430 in a way..... then an audi R8 with the side air vents.....
Great car AND good for the environment.
Ye Wang
Looks like the foto mode in GT5, though there's no Porsche in the game...
A nice car but 845.000 USD, it's too expensive
3 litres per 100km = 33.3km/litre. That is approximately 95 mpg! Awesome!
yet not as good as the bugatti veyron super sports!!!!!
I read, I dream, .... I look at my bank balance... and hope some of this technological progress filters down to a car I can afford to buy before I'm too old to drive.
I'm too old to drive, almost, but still I dream...
if u rent cars u can earn points and rent a porsche for a few weeks?
John Batty, keep dreaming & keep playing day, ya never know!
wow nice John. don't forget those cars are so expensive and the petrol is way high. keep me updated when you have purchased your new car
Im betting that thing can make some good sharp turns
porsch is realy going very far.hope to buy one someday
Isn't it a little un comfortable sOOOOOO SMALL
Amazing car and technology !!!!
3 litres per 100 km/h with 700+ hp? my goodness. that is really something
And once again +Porsche is at the forefront of developing new technologies and making them appealing to the masses. Well done.

This car will be incredible and a worthy successor to the amazing Carrera GT, I'm sure.
Impressive but cant run on Indian road even for a single Kilometer....
The concept was way cooler than the resulting product =P
thnk for letting me have a test drive me yesterday :)
you love to mohammad saw.allah tala your love.
This is no wonder, faster the human Life on Earth becomes they will always need equally faster Cars and other modes of transportation...! :-)
that is an awsome car i would take a porsche any day any time
i wish i had enough $$$$ to buy that car......
Its a konnigerrarizonda!
Cars suck, but at least Porsche still knows how to make a machine that is at once insanely exotic, yet restrained.
This is a car to drive, the ultimate driving machine. Really wish i could test drive one.
Oh my god they're finally gonna start putting those into production??? I want one do bad best Porsche ever but I cant afford one. 
This car is sooooooo sick!!! I want one 
As much as Porsche designs are similar, they actually and consistently make improvements that we can see.. and this is a beautiful machine
i wish i was the guy testing that car
Vlad V
Sweet limpin' Geezas, it's beautiful!
me to you wanna have it?
the guy driving it must have a small penis
i wish im the one who's driving that car=)
i like this car . this is very nice car.
62 miles on less than one gallon?? 770hp?? no way i call bs
Ed Luke
sheer beauty in motion
I can't wait to get behind the wheel of one; was excited about the 991 debut, the 981 is around the corner and hopefully the 918!
the man behind that is a lucky man<><><
now dats wat i call a car....perfect...
That guy is so f#####in lucky!!! I AM SO JEALOUS LOL@!!!!
have a nice car.i like ride
also a cool car
Ellie Swan,
Saw your site, "opposites attract" made me laugh out loud. I rarely laugh out loud.
A Porsche is no more just another car anymore than you are just another girl. A man can stare at a car the way he stares at a beautiful woman. All a woman wants from a car is a full tank of gas and a good heating and air conditioning.
About the butte - (scrap book picture) I got lost once in country like that. I didn't even care.
About the picture of you - I got lost once with a girl like you. I didn't even care.
R. Harlan Smith
ps: Always carry a $20 tucked away somewhere. No matter what car or man you're with, if one or the other acts up, you call a cab.
No need to respond.
YES! It's not that Frankenstein 911 anymore! Looks sick!.
It seems It will work just as the 911 gt3 hybrid. This would be the Le Mans winner :D
wou wat car so broe which is fastest cra in the universe?
Normally a Porsche is a thing of aesthetic and technical beauty but this car is just exquisite. Would love to drive one.
lovely so we knw its amazing . is ti affordable
Cant wait for this car to eat Lamborghini and Ferrari alive
OMG that looks awesome, I just want to know if it can top the Ferrari 458 of the Lamborghini Diablo! 
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