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Balls on Ubuntu Tablet muhahaha
thanks +Tiago Carrondo for the pictures :D (his tablet)

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+Popescu Sorin Yep it's bq E5HD. And I'm already in the 3rd or 4th world. On my tablet where I'm only in the first world, it opens properly.
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Popescu Sorin

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Balls Snap?
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do not worry !
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Hello :D Balls needs some final testing, it's almost ready for release yay! . And since i can only test the game on the MX4 an on the desktop, running the game on diff hardware would help, nexus, bqs, tablet what have you. 
link to the game
and you can send issues/bugs hare or even on g+ i guess, just leave a message

the code is still moving fast so expect 2-3 updates/day (you don't have to update every time btw)
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+Popescu Sorin
Oh no what have I done?
Haha yeah I love doodle jump, its really naustalgic for me, it was one of the reasons I wanted an iPhone and I played it a considerable amount, I remember having quite a few silly games like that but its a matter of remembering them and more importantly there names.

I remember this one where you're in a boat and you use your phone to move left and right and you hit into things so they explode and you try to get as high as possible and not touch the water, and after each level you bought upgrades.

I remember that being really fun but I cant remember then name of it.
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Popescu Sorin

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Popescu Sorin

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+Jarlath Reidy I think it worked a little too well. 
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Popescu Sorin

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wohoo! thanks UbuntuFun for highlighting Balls game
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UbuntuFun's Highlight der Woche: Balls. Montag ist Schontag. Auch wir von unterstützen diese Weisheit und deshalb gibt es diesmal ein Game, um die Woche ruhig und entspannt zu starten. UbuntuFun's Highlight der Woche ist Balls von Popescu Sorin. Eure Aufgabe ist es die vorgegebenen ...
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Popescu Sorin

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compiling Balls for android (NDK) :> 
just for fun
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What os you use? This is not your love unity
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just received an email from +MEIZU 

Hi there,
Sorry to have disturbed you for several times.
Yesterday, our purchasing system had been through some problems, which may have caused inconvenience to you. We've alreadly fixed it now. Thanks a lot for your kind understanding.
You can now order the Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition here, after which it will be shipped to your house within a matter of days.
For more information, please check the Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition product page or get in touch with us via
Many thanks,

Your friends at Meizu
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+Simos Xenitellis
 I had this issue yesterday, today this step was unlocked. Note: the mobile version of the website is bette; you don't have to refresh the page to try again the red button :)
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Popescu Sorin

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Meizu PRO5 Ubuntu edition is now available

JD Global shopping mall sells Meizu PRO 5 ubuntu edition Golden 32G for customers who need Mobile Phones, Mobile Phones.For more info about {2}, go to JD Global shopping mall please .
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I try to ordrer since 3 hours now and " the system is busy please try later " ... it'll drive me crazy I think ;')
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Popescu Sorin

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Nice bike, i want one :)
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Popescu Sorin

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Gold, dark grey or silver. Which Meizu PRO 6 colour do you like the most?
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Popescu Sorin

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Balls in landscape, perfect!

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Nailed it!
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