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Make your website work for you
Make your website work for you

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Wrote up a guide to the different types of digital marketing (SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing etc) - would love to hear what you guys think, and more importantly - what you find gives you best results in your business?

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I know it's not easy to know which service to use for promoting your website - there's spam EVERYWHERE about it.

Here's a short guide to help out no matter who you are - solopreneur, non-profit owner, huge company or local business

I've added email scripts and questions you need ask agencies too.

Happy to help with any other questions!

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Wrote this one just for you guys - your feedback is appreciated, let me know if there's any tips I should add! Hope you find it helpful :)

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A 73 tactic guide to promoting your online store for my fellow entrepreneurs out there with their own store - hope you guys find it helpful! Questions welcome

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Thought I'd share this handy how to guide; it can help you figure out what Google really thinks your website is about for free - just using Google's own tools.
Search 'queries' in Google Analytics has some really interesting information about what you're already being found for - including your average rank in the search results!

If you're not seeing your queries appear, follow our guide here on how to get your setup. Share with anyone who also loves to know about their rankings and spread the Google love.

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We're brand new to the scene here and would love to help with our article. Hope you guys can benefit from it :) Let us know what you think!
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