Continuing from where I left things yesterday, our reaction as primates who think that the world is knowable is to perceive this (that the world is not as it seems) as a 'wrongness', but perhaps that's what a revelation or an epiphany is for.

It is a revealing. And as something hidden is revealed, there is a moment when you realize that things never were what they seemed and the mind, craving always order and connection, must go back and reassemble the world based on the revelation.

Things never were as you thought they were. They always were different. You write a new rule and emerge with a new understanding and you know that your new understanding, itself, might also be an illusion.

Just as the internet has connected people and place and events in ways that they had never been connected before, Exotic Matter and Chaotic Matter have forged new Links.

Standing here, now, a new image is appearing... I realize that what we perceived as video games and entertainments with their artificial worlds are simply a step in evolution to make us realize that our perception of the world is an artificial world.

Just as every person holds together their vision of a world and a 'narrative' of reality, we must realize as a species that we have a fragmentary and illusory vision of the world held together by the 'stories' we tell ourselves in an effort to keep out the chaos.

The world is not chaotic and it will never become orderly.

It is something very different.
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