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Gadget Freak * Artist * Ingress Addict
Gadget Freak * Artist * Ingress Addict
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*link and schedule fixed

Agents, don’t miss #AgentOlympiad. Livestream begins at 11AM UTC.
Akira Tsukasa has been spotted near Mt.Fuji Japan early this afternoon.
Her research to discover the secrets of what defines “Exceptional Agent” is about to begin.
This unique event will push 30 leading Agents from each factions to their limits in series of challenges that will surely be exciting to witness.
Don’t miss the Dwango livestream at 11AM UTC.

Akira Tsukasa が富士山近くで活動を開始したことが確認されました。
日本時間午後8時からの Dwango のライブストリームをお見逃しなく。

It’s time to move.

▼本編放送(日本語版)/Japanese stream ※20:00~25:30 JST / 11:00am UTC

▼本編放送(英語版)/English stream ※20:00~25:30 JST / 11:00am UTC

▼プレミアム会員限定 Nianticスタッフ休憩所 / Niantic backyard - Premium Members only
※21:30~22:30 JST / 12:30pm UTC
※a premium member (pay for service) only


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#OpClearField Weekend Update 3

The Operation Clear Field series continues tonight in the following cities. Register below!

6/23 Tuscaloosa. 6pm.
6/24 Birmingham. 10am.
6/25 Montgomery. 10am.

6/23 Cedar Rapids. 6pm.
6/24 Des Moines. 10am.

North Carolina
6/23 Chapel Hill. 6pm.
6/24 Raleigh. 10am.
6/25 Raleigh. 10am.

Follow the scoring and updates during the #OpClearField events on Instagram at one of the 3 scoring accounts we use to record everyone's scores and shenanigans on the day of.


+Ingress +Niantic #GORUCK #ruckgress 
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Gyms are now available! Visit your nearest Gym and collect your first Gym Badge.

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Trainers level 35 and above: You can now participate in Raid Battles at select Gyms around the world.

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via +Mala simha+Ranganayaki Srinivas​

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The newest loading screen is now available to download in high resolution!

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via @PokemonGoApp on Twitter:

"Trainers, the #PokemonGO Solstice Event has been extended 24 hours! It will now end at 1:00 P.M. PDT on June 21."

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Pokémon GO is in the process of being updated to version 0.67.1 for Android and 1.37.1 for iOS devices. Below are some release notes and comments from our development team.

- Gym features significantly updated to add the all-new motivation system.
- Added new Gym Badge feature.
- Added in-app and push notification system for Gyms.
- Added Raid Battles, a new cooperative gameplay experience.
- Added four new items available only by completing Raid Battles.
- Added Raids tab to Nearby screen.
- Added search functionality to Pokémon collection screen.
- Added visual indicator to unvisited PokéStops.

—The Pokémon GO team

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Niantic official registration for the 13MAGNUS Reawakens Anomaly series will open on June 30th (time TBD). We will publish a social media post with links to all of the individual event registration forms when they are live.

Remember, you must register with Niantic to be eligible for a medal. However, the act of registering alone does not qualify you for a medal. You must also check-in on-site the day of the Anomaly or coordinate with your city POCs for to be eligible. A list of city-specific POCs can be found here:


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Tickets to Pokémon GO Fest are now available at!
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