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Attending #docker  talk at #rhsummit  !
Docker is awesome:
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Big announcement today at #rhsummit  !
Very excited about it.
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I also need to see how it interacts with systemd/fleetctl we need to have a docker user group in Sophia, I propose to host it at the Green King ;)
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The best thing about pregnant women is the free WiFi (h/t @Daniel Feit)
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Guest post from +Fatih Arslan on his new Vim plugin for Go development.  Tasty!
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Polo-François Poli

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Like a Bo$$! #Linux
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Docker @ #rhsummit 
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Polo-François Poli

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:-) Captain Puerto Rico !
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"You are the expert !"
TECH / The Expert · It's hard for an expert to fit into the corporate world by Lauris Beinerts #satire
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Excellent article about the difference in philosophy between Go and C++.
Less is more.
Or as Leonardo Da Vinci said: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
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Mouais ca reste une approche d'un pur point de vue Developer. 
C'est sûr un etre humain codera tout sans defect et pourra de toute maniere s'autocorriger. Sans parler des specs, etc...
(Ironie inside)

Je suis personellement beaucoup plus sceptique sur la scalability de AGILE. Comment etre AGILE sur un "gros" systeme ou on a besoin de Product Analyst, de Developper, de QA engineer?... Rien que la notion de role me semble incompatible avec AGILE.

Au final on continue a fonctionner en Waterfall avec chaque etape/role/team qui travaille en AGILE. Et là, la methode n'a plus aucun sens.
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