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A must read.
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Is this the first one in the series that came out? LOL
Time for the e-book version. :)
That's only volume 1, volumes 2-10 are are behind him stacked up on the ground.
"Impossible to read" comes to mind.
Good thing men always read the manual
I'm waiting for the audio boxed set. I'll buy for hubby.
this is because each woman is different and all women are same...
thats also not enough i think that content introduction
no i m ok without "understanding" them.........?
That's real easy to say if you were born with the manual, we're just now getting ours!
ya you are not so hard but not to easy too....
exagerated much! >:-|
the e-book version is now available at with 10TB size for each chapter. GET IT NOW!!
Art Q
This is only volume 1
oh,that book contains alot than I can imagine.
Synopsis: Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up. Just give up.
it took to long to read the back cover so i just look at the table of contents and it was 3 more volumes
i think its world's largest book ... !!
it reminds me of rule #1 when you don't have a good answer... "Confuse the issue"
Not sure about reading this one but certainly can be user as dead weight for body building exercise... :)
im not understand all women..WTF lah
I've been wanting this book... but shipping is a bitch!!!
Boy!... this ain't a book.. it must be a archive or a trove on a subject.
Art Q
The author forgot to note these are just the references, by the way are all women.... what a surprise?
An audio book for this might take a lifetime to listen ;)
Dio Adi
really really a must read
i dnt think u can understand a women through book
can I get this as a PDF?
hmmmm.........but in fact its also can't cover all the aspects .....!!!
Is This Book Contain enough concepts to understand the Women, Because good also never understands The Women
No way i am going to read that book...i think its easier to understand Einsteins theory of relativity then women!!!
by the looks of it i say that book is a little to short
funnily enough that's only Volume 1 !!!
i hv never seen before this kinda book ....can anybody tell me what kinda bokk is thiss.....???
lol!! women get complicated when come to love XD
Still, I think it is not enough to understand a woman. :D
how much is this book coz i wanna buy it?
i still think it covers oNLY women not grls........... else we need a dozen like this.....
And over here we have Google's first search engine index...
Where can we get Book loan to purchase all 1 to 10 volumes............:P takes few years to finish reading it, and few decades to understand it...nice pic..^^
One thing is confirmed, that woman is the best topic for men to talk and pass comment over.....
bt no one is abel to read it
This is just "Introduction to understanding them" :]
It's not that hard. Women are cyclic, not straight-line and everything about them is 'stretchable'. You like the longer version? Then get the book ;).
It says "Just listen to what they have to say. Honestly, how many times do I need to tell you?" on every page
not need to read it, just try to make them happy
Women : "Its hard to live WITH them"

Women : "Its hard to live WITHOUT them"
thats what u will learn from the book.... bcoz no matter what u do they r never satisfied..........................
Men are just as difficult to understand
I haven't even read the table of contents yet, oooy...... :( No wonder I don't understand my wife....
are u sure to read this book u know about the womens i dont think so..............
Woman can be complexed put it's all part of the game of life
He, he, thank you so much. I'll take a bow now. The best so far.
Hay why a book? Just marry one and surender. You'll never regret it.!!!!!
but u can't find a same book for men cuz there isn't any real men in the world to investigate ...
well its just a preface of the book...phew
UNdersatnding women iz like stdying DA VINCI CODE's novel
even an illiterate can understand a women if he is sensitive enough! need to read a book.. jus read her heart..!
Volume 1 How to use this series Volume 2 through 100 How to understand a woman Volume 101 through 200 how todo it right volume 201 Conclusion (1 page edition) happy reading
The problem is that it's probably written in some obscure Sumerian dialect
Cliff Note: "She aint happy, you aint happy". Also once friended, nearly impossible to be moved into the 'BF' category.
i wonder how many pages are "LEFT BLANK INTENTIONALLY".
e-book version will take up all the space on the google database
Thanks for super update,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Even after reading this book, none except god can understand girls' mind.
Funny thing is that it will raise the confusion about girls!
the last 10,000 pages is a chapter titled "Things you did wrong"
and the book "understanding men"? nothing more than: a flyer
still dnt knw how to understnd..............
o manju pagal hai agar ye introduction hai to puri story kya hogi yar
Title was too short... "Understanding Women and the Men They Love - A Pocket Guide to Why Men Do the Things that They Do."
for boys it would b blank coz there is nothing 2 undrestand
That may be the 1st version & many more................. to be published in future.
available in the "Heart Store" off confused street along relationship road leading down to marriage lane
weight is high & knowledge is low,when u read this.
You're guaranteed to understand women after reading this, in your next 3 lifetimes of re-reading the book, probably wouldn't remeber what you read in the first chapter when you're halfway through the book. . .lol
gee that must be the first chapter.....
i'm waiting man version. how thick do u think is it ? 1cm ? :-)
Goes well with the Book of what men know about women (a hundred page book of blank pages)
So hard to understand women...
That book size is not enough.........
Girls are devils.........
don't go wrong, this is only the introduction of the book, i'm just wondering how will be the sumary of the first chapter.
That's just the table of contents!
chaos in my head like in woman's purse :D
yes people, this is chapter 1.... others are comming up soon...
Fortunately it fits into a thumb-drive or iPAD. but do we poor men have enough memory to take it in and enough brain to make the trillions of necessary synapse links to understand?
i can't waste my time and life....because no one can understand women.
and at the bottom of the last page it says "This book may be incomplete, out of date and incorrect".
Afterall someone dared to right on this Typical issue, Even God might not think of this, Hats off to one who wrote,published, and A big salute to one who finishes this PART 1 of the Volume,
Anya K
Who wrote this seriously had hell lots of time in the world to invest in it ... :)
i think who wrote this books still not understanding women's :P
You should have mentioned this is just the first volume :-)
i think the writer started this book when he was ten years old.
and he might be above 90 now
i'm waiting for the other version of this book "Understanding Men" as well to be in the book stores too !
"Understanding Men" is already out, though it's just a leaflet, so it's not in bookstores.
This is the table of contents, right?
If it's in 6-pt type, this is the Cliff Notes.
Not sure how accurate it is considering that understanding women is a mystery within itself....but I sure do love women though!!!!
All we want is respect and all that goes with respect.
+Niki Malhotra I know, two exact same posts. Especially odd since the posts are being heavily moderated now from reaching the top 8 spots, or the top 40 for that matter.
Its gonna be out of date by the time it out
Probably but it probably requires atleast a petabyte for the pictureless version.
noor h
Fonts must be very big
A the abridged edition of volume one has arrived I see
next one will be about langerie that will be a bit more interesting
ill fire it........... no prob...........
there still some chapters that will be added in the next edition
Is there an abstract for this book? Or the conclusion part? Thanks
Sadly, all the pages are blank.
I tried to email a PDF version of this book, but the attachment was larger than my mail system would allow.
That book looks like it is not meant to provide secret or in anyway useful information on understanding women. At that size it is surely designed to stop a speeding Truck! ;-)
yeah, all the pages are blank lol in the end of book there is a word : "to understanding woman don't use your logic. Fin" cliche :D
shortly after thismanual release .. women changed mind :-)
this just have been recalled....seems author thinks subjects sent wrong signals throughout project.
That's the abridged version
this is only the second version entiteld wat should i dress tonight
It would take like two life times just to get off the first chapter LMAO +)
its real thing, there is very few introduction about weman
really? Is it free? for the peace to died author!
So we found 1 thing that people from different countries and different cultures can agree on-women are complex!lol!
i think it is an interested book i like to read it
Undertanding woman is not that easy,,, Ivan
If only this was true.  I'd order a dozen copies.
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