Just a few minutes until PoliticsNation starts. We've got a great show lined up for you tonight: from the importance of the youth vote to Boehner's comments on the odds of the GOP keeping control of the House. We've also got your latest round-up of just how unpopular Mitt is in his own party, and the latest details from the John Edwards trial. It's all just a few minutes away. Be sure to tune in now and share your thoughts with us here.
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Rev.Al sharpton keep on preaching the truth the truth will set the American people free to the truth I enjoy your show everyday
I wish Rev. Al would be bold enough to speak of the tax-paid income of congress.
$174,000.00+ is way tooo much!
1st thing congress should do is  vote themselves a cut from the massive $174,000.00 or ($14,500.00+ per month) to no more than $5000.00 per month.
   man i can only imagine drawing $5000.00 per month~~~~~
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