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Sponsored by "Slip and fall down carefully" and co. #translators #toughenglish
The hilariously mistranslated signs, labels and menu items may have been innocently misspelled, but many come off as totally bizarre or incredibly suggestive.
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Anthropologist Samy Alim argues that the relationship between race, language and racism plays such a key role in reflecting and defining the way human societies are structured that it deserves study as a separate field, which he calls "raciolinguistics."
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His acclaim wasn't bound by just one single nation,
His stories exported through the gift of translation.
The books phrasing and language, in which they were written
Works perfectly fine in US or Britain.
But to reach out to the world and all of its culture
Hello's not enough, you need hola and bonjour.
And not just the words, but the rhyme patterns too.
Kaptain Kristian’s latest explainer video is a fun one: he explains how the anapestic tetrameter rhyming style of Dr. Seuss helped us better understand language as kids, all while rhyming in the video himself. It’s stupid catchy (obviously, because it’s done in the style of Dr. Seuss) and so easy to listen to, which is the point because that catchiness and fun is basically a trick Dr. Seuss books used to make us all want to read on our own.
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"I think this is due not only to cultural factors, such as the spread of K-pop and hallyu, but also Korean businesses' interest in the Indian market, which has fed increased demand for Korean in terms of jobs and practical reasons." Kim Geum-pyeong, the center chief, referring to the global popularity of Korean pop culture.
In a study recently conducted by the New Delhi branch, 37 percent of Indians studying Korean said they hope to use it to find a job, while 33 percent said they hope to study further in South Korea.
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Yiddish Language got its name from an abbreviated version of ייִדיש־טײַטש (yidish-taytsh), meaning "Jewish German". Though there are not strong evidences confirming this theory, one can simply deduce it based on the fact that there have been Jews in area that is now Germany since Roman times. A distinct Jewish culture known as Ashkenazi, or Germanic Jewry, appeared by the 10th century, and Ashkenaz was the medieval Hebrew name for Germany.
From the 13th century they started to use the Hebrew script to write their language, which linguists refer to as Judeo-German or occasionally Proto-Yiddish. The earliest known fragment of Judeo-German is a rhyming couplet in a Hebrew prayer book dating from 1272 or 1273.
Our Yiddish translation service matches the general clients’ requirements like quality, time and cost, and their individual needs as well.
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An obituary whimsically calls Zhou the man who made learning Chinese as easy as ABC. He and his team helped create, in the 1950s, the system of romanised Chinese writing that has become standard for teaching the language not only to foreigners but school children across the country in the last half century.
Zhou, who has died at the age of 111, gave us pinyin, and in the process helped boost the literacy rate
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“While we recognize the importance of a lingua franca, and the contribution of English to science, the scientific community should not assume that all important information is published in English,” said zoologist and the study’s lead author Tatsuya Amano. 
"I believe the scientific community needs to start seriously tackling this issue."
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