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IN MARCH, a senior commander with the Islamic State group was driving through northern Syria on orders to lead militants in the fighting there when a drone blasted his vehicle to oblivion.

The killing of Abu Hayjaa al-Tunsi, a Tunisian jihadi, sparked a panicked hunt within the group’s ranks for spies who could have tipped off the US-led coalition about his closely guarded movements. By the time it was over, the group would kill 38 of its own members on suspicion of acting as informants.

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Flattened! Terrifying 20st ISIS executioner dubbed The Bulldozer is 'captured' by the Syrian army and dumped half-naked in the back of a truck

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Thousands of Kurdish Peshmerga troops are involved in an offensive to regain formerly Kurdish villages near the ISIS-held town of Mosul, Kurdish officials say.

The Peshmerga-led ground offensive, backed by international coalition air support, was launched early Sunday to retake several villages near Khazir, east of Mosul.

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Iraqi security forces and supporting militias have retaken the key town of Karma from ISIS, the government's first significant victory in its push to reclaim Falluja, a spokesman for Iraq's Joint Operations Command said Thursday.
The recapture of Karma, about 16 kilometers (10 miles) northeast of Falluja, brings most of the territory east of Falluja under government control.

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Despite pledges from President Obama and top U.S. officials to “accelerate” the war against ISIS, the Pentagon admitted Monday that it had retaken only five percent of ISIS-held territory in Iraq in the past five months.

President Obama announced at the Pentagon in December that 40% of ISIS-held territory in Iraq had been recaptured by Iraqi security forces backed by thousands of airstrikes from the U.S.-led coalition, a number that officials repeated for five months. On Monday, Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said 45% of ISIS territory had been taken back in Iraq, or a modest 5% gain from December.

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ISIS has claimed responsibility for three separate bomb explosions that rocked Baghdad today, killing at least 93 people and injuring at least 165, making it the deadliest day of violence in the Iraqi capital this year, according to The Associated Press.

The largest of the car bombings killed 63 people at an outdoor market in the Shiite Muslim neighborhood of Sadr City. The bomb was in a pickup truck loaded with fruits and vegetables.

Later in the day, two separate car bombs in northern Baghdad killed at least 30 and injured 80 others. The first bomb exploded at a police station in the northwestern Kadhimiyah neighborhood, while another struck in the northern neighborhood of Jamiya.

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The Sunni terror group ISIS says it's behind a series of attacks in Iraq's capital Wednesday that targeted Shiites and left more than 90 people dead.
At least 64 people were killed when a car bomb went off at a market in Baghdad, according to Iraqi police. Another 87 people were wounded in that attack in the largely Shiite neighborhood of Sadr City.

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American soldiers have been drawn deeper into the war against ISIS and this past week a third U.S. serviceman was killed in northern Iraq. It's a fight that began more than a year and a half ago when ISIS was expanding it's territory and it's been hard to shed light on the areas under its control because most reporters can't go there. But there have been some places where ISIS has been run off, and Sinjar is one of them.

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Video shows Navy Seal's death was result of intense combat with Isis

Video footage obtained by the Guardian shows the grueling firefight between US special forces, Kurdish commandoes and Islamic State fighters this week, in which a US Navy Seal was killed.

The footage – filmed on a cellphone during the battle, which lasted more than half a day – reveals the extent to which the US military is once again engaged in intense combat in Iraq.

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U.S. Army Captain Sues President Obama, Says He Lacks Authority to Fight ISIS

An Army captain sued President Barack Obama on Wednesday, alleging that he doesn't have the proper congressional authority to wage war against ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria.

Capt. Nathan Michael Smith filed the suit in U.S. District Court in Washington as the president is deploying more special operations forces to the region — and a day after a Navy SEAL was killed in combat in Iraq, the third since a U.S.-led coalition launched its campaign against ISIS in the summer of 2014.

Smith supports the war on military and moral grounds and considers ISIS an "army of butchers." But he wants the court to tell Obama that he needs to ask Congress for a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force.
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