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#GoodNewsFri: Together, we can sustain a future for polar bears and the Arctic ecosystem by letting candidates know we support strong action on climate—and by voting with the climate in mind. Share with your community!

#VoteForClimate #VoteForPolarBears:
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Native peoples in the Far North have lived with polar bears for thousands of years, relying on them for food and clothing. Our new Traditional Ecological Knowledge study, led by Dr. Hannah Voorhees, will focus on interviews with residents of participating villages. The insights gained will help inform conservation and management plans.
Attend a wildlife management meeting in rural Alaska and you will hear a common theme: Why don't biologists and managers spend more time listening to what tribal residents have to say about climate change and its effects on local wildlife? After all, Alaska Native people have lived and hunted in ...
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It is a good idea that researchers give interviews to the Native people of the Far North to see how they, polar bears, and other marine animals are doing in the Southern Beaufort Sea.
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Tickets for the 2016 Wildlife Conservation Expo are on sale NOW! See presentations from our chief scientist and other conservationists as they share their stories from the field. Learn what is being done to save endangered species and what you can do to help. Tickets will sell fast so get them while you can! #SaveOurSeaIce
The Wildlife Conservation Expo gives us the chance to bring the excitement and adventure of wildlife conservation fieldwork directly to you. Some of the world’s leading conservationists protecting endangered species come together to share their stories. Spend the day in the world of a conservationist—from the African savannah to the forests of South America—as you learn about the trials and joys that stem from living in wild places with wild anim...
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It’s election season in the U.S.! What better time to buy a Patriotic Polar Bear to remind you to #VoteForClimate? Your purcase will support our joint effort to #SaveOurSeaIce for polar bears, for the health of our global community, and for the planet.
One of the most powerful ways that we can make our voices heard and influence public policy is through the ballot box. Together, we can sustain a future for polar bears by letting our leaders know we support strong action on climate—and by voting with the climate in mind.
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#ScienceSunday … Polar bears don’t hibernate. In late October or early November, pregnant female polar bears dig a snow den, give birth, and emerge three months later. During this time, they live off their fat reserves, but they don't hibernate in the strict sense of the word.

True hibernators experience a marked drop in heart rate and body temperature and generally stay for a longer period within a den. Adult males and non-pregnant females don't den up at all.

Learn more about polar bears on our website:
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Pregnant female polar bears need to hibernate, because newborn polar bear cubs need to be kept warm or else they would die in freezing weather.
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Inside PBI's Fall Newsletter: Traditional Knowledge study, Climate Alliance, #VoteForClimate memes, and more!
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We should definitely vote for Climate Alliance in order to save this beautiful white polar bear in this photo!
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As citizens of this planet, one of the most important actions that we can take to influence public policy and sustain a future for polar bears is to vote with the climate in mind. #VoteForClimate #VoteForPolarBears #SaveOurSeaIce

More memes available for sharing here:
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Save polar bears
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This summer,'s beluga whale tour boat caught a rare sight on live video:

A #polarbear mom and her two cubs were spotted swimming towards the town of Churchill––knowing that it’s best to keep polar bears away from town, Beluga Boat Captain Hayley and her crew cautiously redirected their swimming path. The mom and her two cubs made it safely to the correct shore!
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Some good news to share: Yorkshire Wildlife Park, one of our Arctic Ambassador Centers, has offered a new home to the polar bear trapped in a Chinese mall.
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PBI's Senior Director of Conservation, Geoff York, gave an interview last week with PRI’s The World in a segment about the Russian weather station workers trapped for days by polar bears.

Geoff provided context for the incident––highlighting that such conflicts are expected to increase as sea ice loss leads to more polar bears coming ashore in more places.

Geoff's interview starts at 17:46:
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Polar bears might be nice-looking animals outside, but in reality they are dangerous predators. Since they are carnivores, we will be considered food for them. They are not cute and cuddly teddy bears that we can hug.
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#GoodNewsFriday: President Obama created the country's first Atlantic marine national monument off the US Eastern seaboard––a move that is good for the climate and polar bears! #ClimateHope #SaveOurSeaIce
President Barack Obama designated an undersea range of canyons and peaks off the US Eastern seaboard as the country's first Atlantic marine national monument on Thursday.
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A dangerous situation at a remote Russian weather station thankfully ended without harm to polar bears or people. Such conflicts are expected to increase as the sea ice melts and more polar bears are driven ashore--which is why we're focusing attention on conflict-reduction efforts.
Five people at a remote Arctic outpost were trapped by polar bears. They couldn't kill the bears, and ran out of flares to scare them off -- so they appealed for help.
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do not believe everything the news tells you
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Sustaining a future for polar bears across the Arctic

Polar Bears International is the only conservation organization whose sole passion and focus is on polar bears. We’re known for our cutting-edge science, inspired use of media, and relentless drive to ensure polar bears remain a part of the Arctic forever.


We envision the long-term survival of polar bears and the unique part of the world they call home. We see this iconic species roaming the sea ice for generations to come.


Our mission is to conserve polar bears and the sea ice they depend on. Through media, science, and advocacy, we work to inspire people to care about the Arctic, the threats to its future, and the connection between this remote region and our global climate.

Strategic Objectives
  1. Serve as the global resource for information regarding polar bears and their habitat.
  2. Be the leading voice on climate warming impacts to polar bears and their Arctic home while actively seeking solutions through education, advocacy, and action.
  3. Conduct, support, and share scientific research that informs polar bear conservation.
  4. Educate an international audience about polar bear conservation and provide mentorship for the actions that will help ensure their survival.
  5. Pro-actively and effectively communicate science-based information on polar bears and their conservation.
  6. Maintain transparency in fiscal management and sound business policies and practices.
  7. Follow best environmental practices as an organization, including minimizing our greenhouse gas footprint.

Explore our website to learn about what we’re doing to help sustain a future for polar bears across the Arctic.

And, please, if you like our work, consider donating to support our efforts.