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Polar Bears International
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There are solutions available right now that can reduce our impact on climate and protect polar bears, our livelihood, and the health of our families and future generations. We have a window of opportunity to engage in these solutions to #saveourseaice and #actonclimate.
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Consider making a monthly donation which will help provide a consistent and reliable source of income for polar bear conservation. Your gift will help to ensure that polar bears roam the sea ice for generations to come by funding critical research, education and outreach efforts.

You can make a difference for polar bears—and for the ecosystem they call home:
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i know right we need to help them.
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Beluga whales are an important part of the #Arctic ecosystem that polar bears depend on, and can contribute to #research that is working to conserve them! Learn more about how you can participate in these efforts by joining a community of citizen scientists that are observing whales and collecting data from the comfort of their own homes:
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‪#‎GoodNewsFri‬: Researchers have created an artificial leaf to generate liquid fuel, using air, water, and sunlight while taking climate-changing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere in the process. This is a promising step for solar fuels! ‪#‎ClimateHope‬ ‪#‎SaveOurSeaIce‬
A new system for making liquid fuel from sunlight, water, and air is a promising step for solar fuels.
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Our 2015 Annual Report to Members is out!

Day by day, week by week, month by month, you join hands with our team to ensure a future for polar bears across the Arctic.

Together, we accomplish so much—from den studies to climate action outreach to efforts to keep polar bears and people safe in northern communities.
We want to be sure you know how your support has contributed to a sustainable future for polar bears.

Please take this opportunity to explore a summary of what you helped us achieve over the course of 2015—and what you are making possible this year. Thank you for all that you do for polar bears, people, and the planet as a whole!
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X streamLie FriGid!!!
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Today, the primary conservation concern for polar bears is habitat loss and reduced access to their primary prey due to climate change. As a greater community, we have the potential and capacity to create a sustainable energy system that will work to #saveourseaice and maintain a stable state for the entire planet. #communitysolutions
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Be part of our team to conserve #polarbears and the sea ice they depend on. When you make a recurring donation every week, month, or several months, you support our work for polar bears:

#saveourseaice #actonclimate #makeadifference
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Nice and beautiful
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#GoodNewsFriday: This small english village has made caring for the environment fun and inspiring without pointing fingers––demonstrating that it is within our power to help protect our families from climate impacts and strengthen our communities. #ClimateHope #SaveOurSeaIce
In Ashton Hayes, residents have banded together to cut greenhouse emissions with solar panels, wine-and-cheese nights and no politicians.
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Today we're extending a huge thank you to our partners at for their loyal support of polar bear conservation and the greater Arctic ecosystem! #WednesdayShoutOut #SaveOurSeaIce
PBI recently received the third installment of a $1 million dollar, multi-year grant from, a direct charitable activity of the Annenberg Foundation—and we couldn't be more grateful for their ongoing, generous commitment to our conservation efforts. “ is an important and ...
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Scientists should always try and protect polar bears, beluga whales, and all the other marine animals who live in the Arctic, because their icy kingdom is melting and they may not be able to survive in an ice free Arctic.
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Rapid loss of sea ice is the primary threat to the polar bear’s long-term survival. Polar bears have evolved to eat seals, and they reach their seal prey from the platform of sea ice.

If we act on a community level to curb fossil fuel emissions, we can ensure a stable state for the Arctic, polar bears and our shared global climate. #SaveOurSeaIce #ActOnClimate #EcoMonday
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Teachers, take polar bears back to school with you!

Polar bears, after all, are a perfect focal point for teaching all kinds of things: from biology to geography, from mathematics to physics, from environmental science to cultural sociology.

PBI wants to help instructors and students alike. We offer free teaching and learning materials created by teachers and informal educators on a range of topics that support national literacy standards and learning outcomes for specific school districts. Take a look! #Teach4Climate
Polar bears are among the coolest animals on earth. Literally. People of all ages are entranced by their beauty, their playfulness, and their strength. And for good reason, they have become the iconic symbol of the troubled arctic ecosystem. So, what could be a more interesting and timely ...
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It's #FanPhotoTuesday! Check out the polar bear pics our fans posted and add your own!
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Have them in circles
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Sustaining a future for polar bears across the Arctic

Polar Bears International is the only conservation organization whose sole passion and focus is on polar bears. We’re known for our cutting-edge science, inspired use of media, and relentless drive to ensure polar bears remain a part of the Arctic forever.


We envision the long-term survival of polar bears and the unique part of the world they call home. We see this iconic species roaming the sea ice for generations to come.


Our mission is to conserve polar bears and the sea ice they depend on. Through media, science, and advocacy, we work to inspire people to care about the Arctic, the threats to its future, and the connection between this remote region and our global climate.

Strategic Objectives
  1. Serve as the global resource for information regarding polar bears and their habitat.
  2. Be the leading voice on climate warming impacts to polar bears and their Arctic home while actively seeking solutions through education, advocacy, and action.
  3. Conduct, support, and share scientific research that informs polar bear conservation.
  4. Educate an international audience about polar bear conservation and provide mentorship for the actions that will help ensure their survival.
  5. Pro-actively and effectively communicate science-based information on polar bears and their conservation.
  6. Maintain transparency in fiscal management and sound business policies and practices.
  7. Follow best environmental practices as an organization, including minimizing our greenhouse gas footprint.

Explore our website to learn about what we’re doing to help sustain a future for polar bears across the Arctic.

And, please, if you like our work, consider donating to support our efforts.

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