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Empowering women & building tomorrow's leaders through poker.
Empowering women & building tomorrow's leaders through poker.

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Share The Poker Prima Divas Experience

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POKERprimaDIVAS Founder Ellen Leikind on CNBC’s On The Money

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Ellen Leikind teaches Long Island Business Women poker

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+Femfessionals  NYC & +Over 40 Females   NYC

Join us TUESDAY December 16th from 6pm til 8pm

SOCIAL Bar & Lounge
795 8th Avenue (between 48th & 49th Streets)
New York, New York 10019

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Can you believe we are talking about this in 2014...
Recently, #JillAbramson, the highly accomplished executive editor of the New York Times, was fired. She said it was because she challenged the pay disparity.
At the poker table, it is equal pay for equal play. Corporate America, take note...

Our TOP 12 #PokerDivas Skills that will help you in business.

12. FORCING COMPETITORS TO PAY TO PLAY. Don’t give anyone a free card. Make the cost of entry high enough so your competitors have to think twice about playing in your game.

Poker will teach you how to how to negotiate, increase your power & confidence, read & interpret non-verbal cues, become more bold and assertive, manage risk & recover from loss, & escape out of your comfort zone.

To see more, check out:

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Media was on fire last week about the firing of #JillAbramson from the The New York Times...What's your take on it?

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Do you play poker?

Curious - What do you think?
Should California move forward with regulated online Poker?
Regulated online poker takes place in: New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware - but those states have a combined population of 12.54M, California’s population is 38M


Increase your power and confidence by learning business and life skills
at the poker table. YES the Poker Table...

Skills learned at the poker table parallel skills needed for professional success. Experience first hand being in the game and
help support the NY Chapter of the MS Society at #AnteUpForMS.
Come break out of your comfort zone and join us at the table.
You don't need any experience to join this event.

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What is your company doing for #Diversity?
Kimberly-Clark Corporation picked up Catalyst Inc.’s top award for advancing women in the workplace.
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