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I'm Cake. I live in Japan and created PokEdit & Nekomon. Deal with it ^ ^
I'm Cake. I live in Japan and created PokEdit & Nekomon. Deal with it ^ ^

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I don't post on the Gplus account that much because not that much engage these days. But I'll try to start doing it more.

Always posting on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook though:

CakEdit YouTube (formerly PokEdit YouTube)

Cake's Twitter:

PokEdit/Nekomon Facebook:

Thanks homies,

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x999 QRs Added for the following Items

• HP Up
• Protein
• Iron
• Calcium
• Zinc
• Carbos
For your EV training needs.
Remember, doesn't work with the new update!
~ Cake


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11 Events Added for peeps that can still use PokEdit QR
Nuketta Wobbuffet

XY Sylveon

Tokyo Bay Pokemon Gengar

Tokyo Bay Pokemon Scizor

Tokyo Bay Inkay

Pokémon Center Battle Championship





Remember, if you got the new patch then PokEdit QR will no longer work.
I'll try to make some videos about how to get the pokes in a post-patch world.


Warning System Update 9.5.0-23
This will prevent PokEdit QR from working.

Make sure to get all the Pokemon and Items you need before you update. You have a limited amount of time.

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Pokemon Cloning with PokEdit QR

Safest, Quickest, & Easiest way to CLONE POKEMON.
Three methods available!

You will probably need to delete your 3DS Web browser history and cookies before doing this for it to work!!

PokEdit Facebook:

PokEdit Twitter:

Original Box Cloner by Lunarcookies:


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16 more Event QRs Added

May 2012 Darkrai

February 2012 Mewtwo

Pika Pika Carnival Pikachu

Plasma Deoxys

PBR Shocking Secret Electivire

PBR Heated Secret Magmortar

Spring 2012 Reshiram

Spring 2012 Zekrom

Summer 2012 Keldeo

Shiny Creation Trio 2013 Dialga

Shiny Creation Trio 2013 Giratina

Shiny Creation Trio 2013 Palkia

Winter 2011 Entei

Winter 2011 Raikou

Winter 2011 Suicune

Winter 2013 Keldeo

Will be adding more soon. Let me know if you have any requests.

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More Items added to PokEdit QR

Here's what's new:
Max Elixir
Oval Charm
Quick Ball
Black Sludge
Choice Band
Choice Scarf
Choice Specs
Destiny Knot
Focus Band
Focus Sash
Iron Ball
Life Orb
Lucky Egg
Scope Lens
Shell Bell

Leave a comment if you want me to add some items that aren't already on Item QR.


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999x Items with PokEdit QR
Easiest & Safest Method to get 999x items. No hardware, cables, or software required.
Leave a comment if you want me to add more item options!

PokEdit Youtube:
PokEdit Twitter:
Based of the original by Lunarcookies:
Music by ElectricMudkip:


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Hidden Ability Johto Starters
QR Codes now on Event QR

I also added Serena's Fennekin

I will be adding more soon. Let me know if you have any requests.

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PokEdit QR Tutorial: How to easily Inject Pokemon into your game.

Works with Pokemon XY / ORAS

Only use QR codes from trusted sources or from quality PKX files. If you're not sure, then get them from

PokEdit QR:


PKX Files and QR Codes:

PokEdit YouTube:

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