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What⁈  Some people on Etsy have thousands of sales each year!  Are you saying their products are in violation of Etsy's terms?  And that Etsy is doing nothing about it⁈  _I am stunned!_  At least corporate Etsy got their money. ☹

I buy nothing from Etsy any more.  If corporate Etsy can't follow and enforce their own terms of service...
Not always. By living on minimal sleep and skipping meals you can produce thousands of items. Also, it depends on how much time each item takes to make (which will kind of relate to tomorrow's post). I also think that it's a very small percentage of sellers who make that number of sales. Etsy sells the "dream" of striking it rich from your crafting. That generally doesn't happen.

I've only ever purchased one item off of Etsy. It was a silver charm stamped with my daughter's initial in Hebrew. I was very pleased with it, but I'm sure some people would have issues with whether that's handcrafted enough to count.
Etsy also allows supplies and vintage items, and those sellers tend to have more sales than the handmade artisans. Most of the money from an Etsy purchase goes to the artist, not the website. It's really more important to look at the individual account holder than to categorize all things on Etsy as bad.

Personally, I stay away from the Etsy drama. I have heard of things like people importing furniture from China and selling it on Etsy as handmade (my mom spends too much time on Regretsy), but as far as I am concerned Etsy is a selling platform and the advertising and maintenance of my shop is up to me. It remains the best location and interface for me to sell my fiber arts supplies. Instead of trying to strike down competition for a simple product, I strive to produce a unique product that has market value.

Etsy is an excellent source of traffic and a great shopping interface that I don't have to set up myself. For that alone, it is worth the minimal fees I pay.
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