SPRING 2014 Events:

Jan 11: Sophia Dahlin & Feliz Lucia Molina
Jan 17: Nathaniel Otting & Cassandra Gillig (as Same Text)
Jan 31: Sarah Neely talk, Anne Colvin presents poems and films of Margaret Tait (January)
Feb 1: Harry Dodge, Frances Richard & Evan Burrows
Feb. 15: Jackqueline Frost & Evan Kennedy
March 8: Chris Tysh & Eve Fowler
March 15: Chris Nealon & Daniel Tiffany
March 22: Brian Blanchfield & Matias Viegener
March 28 (Friday): CA Conrad & Laura Rivera
March 30 (Sun 4pm): Julie Carr & Gillian Conoley
April 12: Taylor Brady & Dan Thomas-Glass
April 25: David Buuck & Rachel Levitsky (& possibly Jeff Derksen)
May 3: Madeline Gins Tribute (@LACMA)
May 10: Giovanni Singleton, Eve Luckring & Christine Wertheim
May 17: Launch of EBL-Colección Cielo Abierto, Mexico-based poetry publication
May 31-June 1: Commune Editions: Juliana Spahr, Jasper Bernes, Joshua Clover

Events @ 7:30pm (doors open @ 7pm) unless otherwise noted.
Check: http://www.poeticresearch.com for details.
Poetic Research Bureau
Poetic Research Bureau
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