The Mask of Inanna - Latest free addition to my iPod Shuffle from - Serialized audio books. Okay, the title sounded a little iffy, and the first few minutes were spent scratching my head... Then a full-cast dramatization emerged, and the hook sunk in. Thanks for another great catch, Evo!

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I am currently listening to it. I have had a hard time with it because of the lenght of the episodes. But I am now hooked too. ;)
It's brilliant. I love the story-within-a-story-within-a-story format.
Yes, it is. But the slow beginnings stopped me more than once from continuing. I am glad I listened to you +Nobilis Reed . ;)
Thanks guys! I'm glad you're liking it! It was a substantial effort on our part to complete too, but I think you'll find that the show's a rich, multilayered experience :) I'm sorry it was a little slow to start, but I think a mystery's better when you set up the groundwork before the revelations hit!
- Author/director/producer/Adobe Audition Wrangler Alicia E. Goranson
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