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Check out our first Photo Sphere, shot on-location at a local park.
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nice to see that g+ was updated to allow you to view these as it was intended. good job +Google 
holy sh***! that's awesome!
It's awesome but it could render in better quality on N4. I know this one was made with GN, but Google shared theirs and they don't have much better resolution. Awesome think that they also upgraded G+ for it! +1 for Google
Is there a better way to view the picture, other than a flat picture? 
yeah guys, click on it! I was skeptical, but this is amazing. I could definitely see myself using this.
+Austin Pseudonymous , I don't know, it just works for me. I am using chrome to see the post, might not work on other devices though, haven't tried any where else. make sure you click on the image though
now this is just awesome!!!
and the ease with which joe created this!
Now +Google needs to update their Google+ app to make this work on mobile. would be great if it has an option to use the gyroscope so you can look around with the phone, instead of just using your fingers to just swipe around
Ive got the photosphere but my 3d doesnt seem aligned, its all blurry I dont know what Im doing wrong since Ive followed the instructions within the camera.
holly shit that is awesome!
now thats call android and nexus :D shame on isheep lol
Im just getting the warped painting like image too on my s3, assume this only works on a pc then?
Matt B.
that is awesome, watch out for that black hole though
wow, didn't think it would look that good. I tried panorama ages ago and the stitch lines were terrible. This just like using Street View.
What I don't understand is how you shot a 360 view and there's no shadow of you
O Cerna
Amazing, now I can have my own "Streetview" pics
I hope my tf300 gets an update to 4.2

I tried it earlier. hard to test indoors, lol
I tried it on Nexus S, but no luck there. It didn't work.
view as flat photo on Android phone?
only photosphre on computer browser?
Can't wait till this gets an official release!
Makes me love my year old that much more .
Just loving this. Real 360 degree view, off out soon to compose a few for myself
great pic can't wait to get my Nexus 4 to try this myself
lucky google maps!!
Working great on my GS3 although I've noticed it does a much better job when in a large room or outside venue. Just tried doing one in my bedroom that has lots of opened doored and windows, didn't come out too well.
Among the wonders of the earth comes the mobile with the g+ of course
My Xperia the Chinese techno enlightens me mombasa Kenya
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