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If there's anyone in the world I will die to meet is Charlotte Gerson. After seeing the movies The Beautiful Truth & Dying To Know my life changed, my eyes were open to the world of using food as your medicine.

Eating organic everyday is not an option for for most including myself but eating organic when I can only help strengthen my body defenses. Slowly but surely I will work organic more often into my way of's tough but I know as a human being I will adapt to what is good for me over time.

By no means I follow the Gerson Therapy to a T, there are fruits & veggies I still have not touched because mentally I'm not ready for it or the texture is not to my liking. Occasionally I'll have a drink and I do smoke which I know it's not good for the body but slowly it will be cut out of my life.

Weather or not you agree with the Gerson Therapy is mute to me, what I do know is that something have to change in my life & many others for the better by searching for an alternative lifestyle (eating & medicine). We all have to find what works for our body.

+LAURIE WADE you'll find this interesting

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Holy shitsnacks, it's almost an hour long!  Lemme go get some snacks....
Lol yes it's long a bit of a turn off. Listen to it in the background while you do something
This vid is kinda dragging.  I've got a fuckton of tabs open, most of them pr0n.  Lemme finish with those first before I catch a virus, lol, and then I'll finish this up if I don't pass out from dehydration.
If you watch this & eat right you'll have more energy & dehydration will not be an issue lol
yes, it will.  you have no idea, Mr. Pockets. I keep water near my computer and bed and I'm considering a mini fridge. hush up now, you're breaking my concentration, lol  :P
Stock it in cucumber juice?!  What the deuce?!.......Oh, you mean the fridge!  Stock the FRIDGE with cucumber juice, yes?  Oh, the pictures you just put in my head, Mr. Pockets, lmao!
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