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A Software can be a great aid in your online marketing efforts, helping you optimize your ad strategies at various levels of marketing strategy: from planning your ad campaign up to its implementation and analyzing the results.

The automatic program takes you step by step through your advertisement campaign creation process and guiding you towards success. The ad marketing software can be developed by our company according to your unique needs – this scalable solution puts you miles ahead of the competition by combining research, workflow management, ad creation and campaign analysis in one easy-to-use interface.

If you are ready to optimize your enterprise, marketing campaigns at each level – here we are to help you. There is nothing impossible – your tasks our implementation!

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Take the advantage of business processes automation base on the IBM products line!

Our dedicated IBM software team have built up vast experience in over 15 years' experience with IBM. We understand IBM products inside out – and we are here to share our expertise with you. See the last IBM integration project here -

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70% of companies say it’s cheaper to retain a customer than acquire one.
Start Loyalty Program at your Enterprise today!
Well-organized Loyalty software is an integral part of any successful business.

Organizing for your rewards program you are investing in your current customers or users, that is less costly than investing in new ones.
Grow repeat business with your own customer loyalty program
that is powerful, flexible and easy to join.

We can develop a Loyalty software, especially for your enterprise, taking into account all your needs and peculiarities of your business. This solution can be integrated with the CRM or ERP of the enterprise, that makes the loyalty campaign implementation as easy at one, two, three!

More information on this kind of systems you can find at our blog -

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This weekend we’ve met by a big friendly family for the traditional picnic at the Dnieper riverside to relax and have Corporate beach volleyball tournament.

Traditional summer BBQ of our company consisted of the delicious barbecue, fun games, and swimming in the river. Also, we had Corporate beach volleyball tournament, and the winner got a tasty and healthy prize.

Are you still thinking of a new job? Join us – we promise you great environment! :-) Like and share with friends!
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We are looking for Senior C# / .Net Developer! Are you ready to become a part of our team?! Then we may just be waiting to hear from you ! Please send us your CV at

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Everyone who hears the abbreviation PNN is wondering what does that mean :-) Don't you?

So, let's see what PNN is standing for!
PNN means Polynomial Neural Network

Polynomial Neural Network (PNN) algorithm - GMDH-type neural network - one of the most promising methods developed by PNN Soft Research team. The goal of the algorithm application is to extract knowledge from experimental data and to determine its best mathematical description. The proposed method can be used to analyze complex data sets with the aim to determine internal data relationships and to present knowledge about these relationships in the form of mathematical description (polynomial regression). The application area of PNN algorithm is chemistry (QSAR), economical systems analyses, stocks and financial market instruments, insurance risks study, medical diagnostics, etc.

In particular, the algorithm can be applied in Epilepsy Seizure Diagnostics and Prediction
Early epilepsy seizure diagnostics and prediction technique based on automatic real-time numerical EEG analysis. The distinctions are:
• Prediction time (15-20 min) that is enough to prevent the seizure by injection, to go away from the risk zone and avoid the incidents (road incidents)
• Computational effective algorithms that allow implementing method as personal portable medical facility

More information on this subject can be found here

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June 4, 2016, the biggest Ukrainian football championship among IT companies called Startup Football 3x3 Cup IT Industry League has taken place. We are pleased to announce that our company's football players took part in it and won a price - 1 place Startup Football 3x3 Cup IT Industry League Play-Off Silver!

Startup Football 3x3 Cup IT Industry League is a one-day championship among IT companies. There we 3 players from PNN Soft. The whole championship consisted of two stages - group and Play off. In the first stage, the teams were divided into groups of four teams and played one round against each other. According to the results of points first and second places moved to Play off GOLD. Our team reached Play off Silver and won 1-st place in this group.

Our players came back from the championship with a bunch of new emotions and impressions because the championship united the people whose hobby is football, but also who work in the same industry - IT. Our players had fun and active time: talking to colleagues-programmers, exchanging experience and making jokes on common topics.
Наши футболисты приняли участие в чемпионате Украины по футболу 3х3 среди IT компаний

4 июня 2016 года, состоялся самый масштабный чемпионат Украины по футболу 3х3 среди IT компаний, и мы рады сообщить что футболисты нашей компании приняли в нем участие и даже вернулись с победой - 1 место Startup Football 3x3 Cup IT Industry League Play-Off Silver!

Чемпионат Украины по футболу 3х3 среди IT компаний – однодневный чемпионат, в котором от нашей команды приняло участие 3 представителя. Весь чемпионат проходил в два этапа - групповой и Play off. На первом этапе все команды были поделены на группы по 4 команды и сыграли один круг каждая с каждой. По результатам набранных очков первое и второе места вышли в Play off GOLD. Наша команда прошла в Play off Silver и заняла 1-е место в этой группе.

Наши ребята вернулись из чемпионата с новыми эмоциями и кучей впечатлений, ведь данный чемпионат не только объединил людей, хобби которых - футбол, но и работающих в одной сфере – ИТ. Наши футболисты весело и активно провели время: общаясь с коллегами-программистами, обмениваясь опытом и шутя на общие темы.
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Let's see how good will be your code smile emoticon Informatics researchers from the University of Zurich have developed a not at all sinister-sounding system capable of predicting the quality of code produced by developers based on their biometric data.

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Day of Ukrainian embroidery 2016 in Ukrainian IT companies.
Every third Thursday of May, Ukraine celebrates the Day of embroidery. Let's see how it was in IT companies. We also joined the event!

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PNN Soft company is a great place to work! We work hard to keep our employees happy coming to work each day. We believe in work/life balance and appreciate the time and dedication our employees give to our company.
We have more than doubled in size over the past year and have carefully chosen people to join our team.

All current open job positions are listed here - if you are interested in joining our team, please send us your CV!

• Android Developer
• iOS Developer
• C# / .Net Developer
• QA Engineer

Please submit resumes to:
Наша компания ПНН - прекрасное место для работы! Мы прилагаем все усилия, чтобы наши сотрудники с удовольствием приходили на работу каждый день. Мы верим в баланс работы / жизни и ценим время и преданность сотрудников нашей компании.

За прошедший год коллектив нашей компании увеличился более чем в два раза и сейчас состоит из прекрасных специалистов, профессионалов своего дела.

Мы продолжаем расширяться и сегодня у нас открыты такие вакансии:

• C# / .Net Developer
• Android разработчик
• iOS разработчик
• Тестировщик

Если вы заинтересованы в присоединении к нашей команде, пожалуйста, пришлите нам свое резюме по электронному адресу:

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