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Curating great music from around the world and across time
Curating great music from around the world and across time

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Voice Recording in Gmail/Hangouts/Inbox
please vote & share

Thank You!
What does it take to take on WhatsApp with Gmail or Hangouts?
integrated voice recording as in the Messenger App

Would you agree? Please vote and share.

Try to respond to a Gmail or Hangouts text message by appending a voice message file. You can to so, but the file needs to be recorded first, and for recording you will have to
  1.  switch to a recording app,
  2. save the file,
  3. return to Gmail or Hangouts and
  4. add the file as an attachment (possible only in Gmail).

Thats a bit complicated and slow. 

WhatsApp makes it easier to reply with a voice message. And the Messenger App (also provided by Google) already integrates a function for in app recording of voice messages (see picture ), but for SMS/MMS only.

So in order to take on WhatsApp, this in app function granted to Hangouts and Gmail would make a difference, would you agree?

 If you agree, please vote and share this poll.

Many thanks for participating in this vote and please share it with others. May be, if we collect enough evidence, Google will consider integrating the voice recording function and take on WhatsApp by blending voice recording  with editing text and appending files/fotos/emois.

This would enable easy exchange of voice message by mail/hangou and thus provide suitable alternative to WhatsApp.
114 votes
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Replace Gmail by WhatsApp
Need Explanation
Integrate Voice Recording
Replace Gmail by WhatsApp
Need Explanation

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Percussion on Piano

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You cant just quit
if you are into this kind of music
У всех ещё четверг, а у меня уже пятница. Так как отработал сегодня последний день не только на этой неделе, но и в этом году!
Bei allen ist noch Donnerstag angesagt und bei mir aber schon Freitag. Weil ich heute den letzten Arbeitstag nicht ner in diser Woche, sondern in diesem Jahr habe!
#конецгода   #wochenende   #отпуск   #urlaub   #jahresende   #выходные  

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Wer nie verliert hat den Sieg nicht verdient
Who will win against death?

Sustainable acts of teams. The effort of multiple assistents made Udo Jürgens famous.
Udo Jürgens ist heute, vor wenigen Stunden verstorben! In Gedenken an einen großen Künstler. - Heute beginnt der Rest deines Lebens ....

Viele Menschen liebten seine Lieder, sind mit Ihm aufgewachsen. Er schrieb mit den Menschen seine und Ihre Geschichte.

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Amazing how Daria made it
you will like the spirit of this girl
🔥 It's time for the Fireside Hangout Concert! Get your s'mores! Get your flashlights! Get your flannel! Get ready to get cozy together - all over the world - and sing our hearts out! Expand this for special do to list to spark this fire and make it burn bright all night!

This Saturday I'll be bundled up in front of my fireplace ready to sing for you 'til the last logs have burned down to glowing embers. Remember to rsvp right here so I can make sure to have you circled and invited to join live, inside the hangout, with me! We'll rotate the seats so everyone can get in and be a part of this special night.

XO, Daria

Ps! Here's your Fireside Hangout Concert To Do List to get ready to light this fire and burn bright all Saturday night:


🔥 Share this event page with anyone you'd like to bring along! (We can even sneak them in with links if they're not on G+, let's spread the cheer and warmth across the interwebz!)

🔥 Plan your own webcam set-up with festive stuff like candles or fairy-lights or bring your laptop over to your own fireplace so we can share the glow!

🔥 Get some marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate so we can make s'mores together! (Remember how hilarious that was last time!? I distinctly remember a marshmallow getting torched by a flamethrower...)

🔥 Bring stories to share, questions to ask, songs to request!

🔥 Seriously go share this, you're the spark, let's light this fire!

#firesideconcert   #hangoutsonair   #firesidechat   #hangoutconcerts  

Special thanks to CO-OP Credit Unions for keeping our fire going so strong this year! We love you guys! Everyone can check out to see some exclusive videos we shot with them!

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online Shop

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Faith x Love = Crazy
gefällt mir sehr - weitermachen! unbedingt!

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Love Message
Liszt, Piano

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4 Minutes of Ottoman-Turkish Music

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 Narciso Yepes - Classical Guitar Recital 10 String Guitar
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