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New features and a poll for you!
Stealth sync option to completely hide all team S/E from other Trello users (like your client).
With this option no changes are made to Trello and it does not sync S/E using card comments. Instead it uses a private Google Spreadsheet owned by the manager, who shares it with the team.

Other changes: Improved "card print", Faster sync in Chrome Canary, tighter Google permissions when using "Google spreadsheet sync" (both legacy and stealth) so it no longer requires access to all your Google Drive, just to the sync spreadsheet.

And now the poll
We want you to choose which new feature we should focus and release first.

More details to understand "ping" and others: (same poll is there too).

Pick one or comment if yours isn't listed so others +1 yours.
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Mobile app "s/e bar" and timers
Ping inbox of pending @mention replies
Clock time spent by cards in lists
Mobile app for Apple iPhone/iPad
Shared card estimates
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Vote and make your opinion count!

once we add the top-voted feature we will let you vote again.
Does use of the stealth sync affect the android mobile app and / or will it affect the mobile timer use? Thanks much.
do you have an opinion about the recent color changes to Plus? comment here if so. We tried hard to make plus visually integrated with Trello but some are complaining about removal of colors in hashtags and s/e.
I liked the colors, it was easier for the eye to pick out.  However, I think green would be a better color for Spent since it is associated with accomplishment and red would be better for Remaining since that is what is outstanding.
+Plus for Trello I'd love to see pomodoro timer - and if it is still (or soon) underdevelopment, i"d like to suggest mechanizm introduced in Pomello app - where after every pomodoro widget asks "Did you finish? If YES, you can move card to specified list (E.g. DONE list), If NOT, you can choose what you want to do after break - continue existing task, or pick another from drop-down list (which contains cards from specified board(s)). It ensures, that you focus on what is important (e.g. top-of-the-list items), and when it's done - you don't forget to update your card :)
+Marcin Socha​ asking to move to done is a good idea.
note that currently its easy for a manager to detect that situation by making a report of cards that do not have R but are not in a "done" list.
How do I enable Stealth sync option? And also how do the other developers cannot see it? 
the mobile s/e bar is in preview. give it a try!
Shared card estimate would be great; our R and graphs are a joke because first estimates are done using "Scrum for Trello"...
+Chris Andrew C.L. but Plus doesnt import those from SFT, just displays them as a way to support visualizing your old boards that used SFT.
You may edit many card comments in batch, then issue a single global "reset sync" from plus help utilities.
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