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2011-11-18: Simwood and ThreatSTOP

This week, our guests are Simon Woodhead and +Tjardick Van der Kraan from Simwood and (we hope ) Francis from
Shared block lists aren't new nor is the problem they try to address. Every server I run has numerous dictionary attacks and probes for various weaknesses. We've spoken before about IP-based protection. This is one of the topics for Friday's call.

Please comment this post with questions, reflections, your thoughts on the topic in general or anything specifically related to ThreatSTOP. You can trial their service by opening a free account:

Comments here will give them valuable feedback and questions to address on Friday.
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It definitely will be Francis from ThreatSTOP as well...
We are all looking forward to this week's session with Simon, Francis and hopefully others from one of both companies.
VUC friends, if you have questions about any of this please post them here on this thread or feel free to contact the companies directly, of course; they come very highly recommended! :-)
I am looking forward to taking part in the VUC today - I have been meaning to connect with Simon for a while now in order to talk about what Simwood has been doing with HD/WB codecs - and how we can 'stimulate' use of such modes.

I shall be trying very hard to resist work-type distractions today!
Not this week - I am in Wiltshire - in the heart of our 'Green and Pleasant Land'
Ah, well, surely there are lovely things to see there?
Glorious HD :-) Sounds like a topic for another call. I'm in London Monday/Tuesday for LINX75 James if you fancy a chat. If not, drop us a line anytime.
+44 29 2120 2128 is now mapped to VUC. HD for Simwood customers/peers.
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