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Discover podcasts the easy way

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Player FM 4.2 “Likes” feature, local audio and video playlist, bug fixes + more!

We are proud to announce Player FM 4.2 is now available for you to download.

Discover what's in store for you in our latest blog post

We hope you ♥ it!
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Podcast heaven is now a place on Earth with Player FM 4.0

The bottom-navigation user interface is now smoother, stylish and more intuitive than ever. The features part of our premium plans aim to add real value to the listening experience and and are a must-have for any real podcast aficionado. Advanced sync in the cloud, powerful playback controls and an audio compression tool that compresses up to 70% of downloaded audio files are just few of them.

Learn more about the v4.0 release here
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Player FM 3.7: Full-Screen And Miniplayer Redesigned, Plus More

Our new release is here, Player FM 3.7! This update is made possible by the collaboration of our users and the team. Here’s the rundown.

Redesigned full-screen player
As always, you’ll see the full-screen player when you swipe up the miniplayer, or tap its thumbnail image. The full podcast thumbnail is now present in its un-blurred, square-shaped glory, rather than the stretched-out, fuzzy background image we had before.

Even on portrait mode, you will see an improved and cleaner version on this new design. The video will now be on top of the episode title, similar to YouTube’s portrait mode, with permanent controls displayed below.

And on landscape mode, you can watch your favorite podcast in full-screen. Playback controls will be visible when you tap the screen.

Improved miniplayer layout
A few tweaks have been made to clean up the miniplayer design. Episode status (streamed or downloaded) appears beside the title. The overflow (…) button is now laid out more like the other controls, and playback progress time appears directly below it. The sleep timer is now white (same with the full-screen player). The main benefit of the title separating the slider and playback controls is to prevent fat fingers from accidental playback oopsies.

Quick shortcuts for Android 7
We’ve also added quick shortcuts on the app’s home screen icon, allowing direct access to Discover, Search, Subscriptions, and Play Later. This update is currently available for Android 7.1 (Nougat) users.

Unread counter on the home screen icon
For those who are not using Nougat, here’s something to rejoice about – we’ve integrated with TeslaUnread! By using Nova Prime Launcher and TeslaUnread, you will now see the number of new episodes on the lower-right corner of the home screen icon. It can save you time when checking new episodes.

Episode detail screen layout and dialogs
The episode detail screen layout has been tweaked for consistency with the series detail screen. For example, there’s now a divider under the play button, an actionable Play Later option on the left, and the episode duration under the play button. This allowed us to clean up the metadata shown above the shownotes. Now, all metadata are grouped in one line.

In addition, when you tap on the “Stream” status, there is an option to download the episode.

And for episodes with “Downloaded” status, this dialog has a re-download option now.

Series detail screen showing subscription count
It’s a social app after all, so the series detail screen now shows the number of Player FM subscribers. This is useful for users to easily determine a popular podcast without going through the Discover screen. There have been a couple of minor interface tweaks in line with the episode detail updates mentioned above.

Better handling of duplicates in search results
Similar to the subscribers count on the series detail screen, search results will now show the number of subscribers of a podcast series. And as mentioned, search results have been updated to improve decision-making when there are duplicates or similar feeds present. It will also show the feed URL when duplicates are detected.

Simplified sort order for subscriptions and playlists
The playlist sort options now has “Latest added” as the first option, and the default recommended sort option since most users are more interested in listening to episodes they recently saved.

Bug fixes and more
Among other updates: played episodes are made darker in lists, so their status are more conspicuous. For users with dark theme phone settings, notifications can also be set to dark – there is a new option for those with dark theme to choose between phone theme and app theme when it comes to notifications.

Go to this link and download Player FM now!
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Do you love to organize your podcast subscriptions in a way that they will be easily identified and easily be found? The new Tabbed Subscription makes your subscriptions more organized and uncluttered. You will now see a tab for each of your categories. With this, you can simply tap the category and it will show all the shows you subscribed under that category.

If in the event you wanted to see all the shows in one tab, simply tap the ALL tab.

We'd love to know your thoughts about this feature. Feel free to comment below.
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Player FM recently launched version 3.6, it's major update after 8 months. And one of its newest features is the Smart Categories.

Since Player FM 3.6 also introduced categories, wherein you can keep a list of “news podcasts”, “morning commute” podcasts, and create whatever categories fit your lifestyle; Smart categories makes it a breeze for you to follow any new show by automatically suggesting a category among your existing categories when you subscribe to any series.

Sounds cool? Try it yourself by downloading the app from Google Play Store <>.

Feel free to leave your comment or feedback below.
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We are pleased to announce Player FM 3.6!

Player FM 3.6 is now available on Google Play.

This update will help new podcast users and even the seasoned podcast junkies manage their daily podcast habit. You can now organise subscriptions into categories and they will sync across Android and web apps. Player FM rethinks the podcast experience for the modern era, and categories are no exception. We aim to make categories “smart” with features like Suggested Categories when you subscribe to any series, recommendations to help you build up your categories, and Social Sharing.

Smart categories for your subscriptions

Rare is the “casual podcast user” … most people who get into podcasts quickly find themselves devouring hundreds of them! To help you organise all your subscriptions, Player FM 3.6 introduces categories, so you can keep a list of “news podcasts”, “morning commute” podcasts, and so on – create whatever categories fit your lifestyle. You’ll see categories as sub-tabs in your subscriptions screen and similarly in web app navigation. In addition, they have several unique features:

When you subscribe to any series, the app will automatically suggest a category among your existing categories making it a breeze for you to follow any new show. This is based on various cues, from our curated catalogue to publishers’ metadata. If there’s no good choice, it will still suggest some categories and let you immediately create the category and add the series, all in one tap.

Each category shows recommendations to help you fill out the category,. The recommendations are powered by a combination of curation, publisher metadata, and usage trends.

You can make any category public. The category URL will open in the app if the user has it installed, allowing other users to subscribe and play. More importantly, it will also work as a regular web page for anyone not using the app.

Series settings

Related to smart categories, per-series settings has been updated. You now have a single popup dialogue allowing you to set categories, unsubscribe, and set preferences like notifications, playback settings, view sort order, and download order (can be used for downloading “binge-worthy” series from the start). A new setting will let you see the dialog whenever you subscribe.

Enhanced Search

The search interface has been redesigned to use the familiar “dial” interface used elsewhere in the app. As well as searching over 300,000 available series, there are tabs for: episodes – allowing full shownote and title search of over 16 million episodes; series you’re subscribed to; and topics. The topics is a list of over 500 curated catalogue topics to explore, and will expand in the future to include categories users have made public.

Custom Artwork

Many podcasters go the extra mile and provide custom artwork for each new episode. We’re pleased to finally be able to showcase these efforts. Player FM will extract artwork from episode files as well as artwork linked in publisher feeds. You’ll see this appear on episode lists, in the lock screen, and the full screen player. In addition, both series and episode detail screens have been updated to show you large images. Popular shows using custom artwork are TED Talks, No Agenda, and KCRW’s Left, Right & Center.

Sleep timer

Aside from setting the sleep timer at a specific time, the sleep timer can be set to stop at the end of your favorite episode.


If you want fine-grained control over your podcast experience and use apps like Tasker and IFTTT, try Player FM intents. We’ve added two new intents to let you choose when podcasts download: fm.player.update.conditional and fm.player.update.unconditional.”conditional” will respect your app settings (e.g. only download on wifi and while charging), “unconditional” will always sync and download according to your limits, so you will probably be choosing the conditions from the external app if using that. More on intents in the FAQ at

Downloads management

If a podcast app didn’t have any downloads, was it a podcast app at all? As well as the downloads-only toggle, we know some users still like to delve into their completed downloads and browse them directly. This screen now has sub-sections for All, Manual, Subscriptions, Play Later downloads. See total size and number episodes for any type of download and delete all in one tap.

User interface updates and settings

We’ve been busy cleaning up the interface since v3.5. As well as the above updates, here are a few other things you’ll notice:

Main settings screen now has more color and icons on the left to give each section a unique identifier. Gone are check boxes, replaced by toggles.
If you are using a custom theme, you’ll see more consistent styling in that theme. e.g. With purple theme, Downloads screen header will now be purple instead of the standard green. This is particularly important for night mode, where you’ll no longer see colored header bars. To explore themes, check out Display Settings, or just tap on the Player FM logo in the side menu.

You now have flexible series thumbnail layout. For phones, choose between 3, 4, or 5 thumbs per row.

For lock screen purists, you can now disable lock screen podcast artwork in Display Settings.

Notification settings has been redesigned and simplified, so you can turn everything on or off with a single tap. You’ll also see icons for each show in the notifications list.

Say goodbye to empty boring screens. We’ve added a friendly radio guide indicating when there are no search results or no downloads.

One more thing! That Icon!

After 4 years of the red mic icon, it was time for an icon that didn’t lead people to think this app lets you record top 40 singles. We’ve been getting feedback on several icon options in recent months and we’re happy to settle on this one. Users can now rejoice that they will see the same icon on Google Play and on their homescreen!
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Player FM 3.5 For Android: Enhanced Search, Discovery, Series Settings, And More

The cloud-first podcast app gets a big upgrade today.

* See it in a glance with Unified Search Results
* Save Time With Autocomplete And History
* Explore Over 100,000 Series With The New Discover And Catalogue Design
* Play Later Is Now In The Cloud
* Binge All Day With Flexible Download Order
* Be The First To Hear It With Custom Notification Settings
* Play It Fast – Or Slow – Every Time
* New Languages - Portuguese, Chinese, Korean


Install and upgrade at
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We're revamping the podcast experience with design updates as we roll out Player FM 3.1 with 'Dark' and AMOLED power-saving 'Black' display modes, 'Downloaded-only' view, Subscriptions Sorting, Custom Swipe Actions, and a Japanese catalogue.  Details on the official blog.
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We sought out to make listening to podcasts easy and we moved closer to our goal with the release of Player FM 3.0 that adds video support, enhanced audio functions, related series feature and a curated international catalogue. We're also now ready for Italian, German and Russian users to pick up and play. Details on the official blog.
Player FM Blog
 Player FM Blog
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Player FM - New web navigation

The website toolbar has been updated with a top-row navigation bar, showing you favorites (if logged in) and main topics. From there, you can also launch an overlay to browse all topics, podcasts by country, and more.
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