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Get behind the wheel of +Chevrolet's Corvette C7 Test Prototype, exclusively available as a free download for Gran Turismo 5. More info (and video!) here:
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I'm an Xbox guy, but damn racing games always blow my mind on the PS3!
im not feelin the back lights but to much like the camaro but over all it's a good lookin vette 
Holy cow!!! That's like a 2099 car!!!!
aaron i have seen the car and the lights in back are square now like the camraro now thats what im saying the rest of the design is new but from the proto type from the transformers movie 
Sweet, love 'vettes, all of them and this is nasty just nasty!!! 
I didnt know they made Snuggies for cars.
How fast do you have to go to get the cover to fly off?
Still they didn't manage to get the engine sounds right. Frustrating. :(
Epic... Hope they will manage to fix the engine sounds. :D
Polyphony had more than enough time to fix GT5 engine sounds, never really improved though. :(

To be honest I've given up hope on that front with the Japanese. :/
ці фото натякнули, що скоро машинам будемо купувати одяг ))) мало того, думаєщ, що на себе вдягти, тепер ще й про автівку переживай )))
kayanya seru game new for play station
anyone wanna ride in my cheve : -)
el mejor simulador de carreras la saga gran turismo!!!
it's oke god of war 3 
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