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THE LAST OF US hits PS3 on May 7th, 2013! Watch the uncensored new Story trailer here and see what bonus content you get for pre-ordering:
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Cool, just in time for GTA V to come out around the same time...
I wonder what the multiplayer will be like? Either way getting day one! 
Oh, well, would you look at that. I think I just impregnated my jeans.
why they have to release same time as GTA wallet gonna get hurt real bad.
What's new then?
I like the Uncharted series, but in the video's so far... The language will be too much for my family.  I would love to be able to play it, but seems Sony is pushing everything out of the family zone.  Maybe get Xbox next time... :-|
Great to see real acting in game format. You guys at Naughty Dog are really starting to blur the line between Cinema and games. Congrats.
Yeah its great,this is look a Very good Game
i think dis is wat i'v been waiting 4...#thinking...ja im sure.
Adventure Games Are Still Alive....thanks to Naughty Dog & Co.
This game is going to be awesome. Naughty Dog has never let me down and I doubt they are going to start.
Few and far between you find a adventure game worth buying tho. I just gamefly it. That way if I can't beat it in 48hrs yet care enough to try then ill buy. 
OMG I friggin cant wait that long! !!
This will be the greatest early game for 2013
I haven't played it yet but I am already hoping they bring sequels 
It coming to PSN digital version?
Ps3 rock I got 1 when I was 7
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