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Watch the new God of War: Ascension live-action trailer before it makes its television debut on Sunday, and see a more human side of Kratos. More details here:
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They just keep increasing d anticipation for this awesome game...
Ty Tyson
This needs to become a movie.
Man, what a sad commercial. If you've played the series you'll get what this is about, and I think in live-action form they did an excellent job of showing the plight of Kratos.
It's about time y'all put some commercials on TV. Heading in the right direction. Smart move! +1!
fudge this...
want the f*** is this on my google+
Oh yeah! In my best Ted impersonation. 
Really? Is this the right song for this game? Bad choice.
God I love this game. Excellent!
Kinda reminds me of the plot of the movie "Gladiator"
It is quite entertaining and looks real.
Haha, +James Millette. I watched just to see what you were talking about. Honestly, I thought the song was a perfect choice.
+Kabir Kaita It looks real because it is.  This is the live-action trailer.
any game that is just battling, is pathetic
Hmm what must people learn from games like God of War?  Hmmm.. Some people might learn to lighten up and have fun.
to bad i dont have play station3 but xbox360 is better we get HALO! woo hoo and mw2 is awsome im a lvl 46 major 2
Xbox 360 has a 70% mechanical fail rate. Twice I had to return a 360 because of fail issues. I've purchased a PS3 and guess how many times it's failed? Zero. This trailer looks awesome and does its' job.It makes you want to see gameplay, it makes you want to find out what the storyline is. It leaves you hanging and I for one, want to see what it's about. 
Chon, no one gives a crap what your MW2 rank is, in any sense.
I agree very much with Mr. Finlay (above). Well said! And Mr Lake (above) might like to consider that the definition of "lightening up" and "having fun" might NOT include playing these crappy, mindless, violent, time-wasting games. People can be "light" and have "fun" without these primitive archetypes. Don't you think there's enough violence in the world?
The question is will they cut it off on TV????
So not a movie? Come on Sony! We want Kratos on the big screen! 
+Edward Fitzgibbon also note that people can lighten up and have fun without disparaging what others consider fun. Yes, there is enough violence in the world. Shall we carry on to disparaging books for the immense violence therein contained as well?

If you don't enjoy video games, move along. There is little need to rationalize things you don't enjoy. It's enough to simply not enjoy them. Many of us do, just like many of us enjoy reading books. Move along.
Pre-ordered today.  Finally will be able to wipe the dust from my PS3.  :P
When you introduce it in this way it is an ad.  When users introduce it it is because of interest.  Interest drives me more than ads.
Their are those that say that there is/ or was a more human side of Kratos. I figure if he wanted me to know about it, I probably couldnt have stopped him from tellin me!
Wonderfull, no words to explain this.
One of my fave game series of all time!!! GO KRATOS!!!
I wish they would explore Kratos's human side more in the game
Reply to Andrew lake (above). thank you for your response Andrew! make some good points. I sent you a fairly detailed answer, but it looks as though it's been deleted (although it was well WITHIN the word limit). So much for freedom of expression. Do feel free to carry on the exchange if you want to...I think there are some important principles at stake here. All good wishes, Edward.
Wonderfully shot commercial.  Ripped straight from 300 just about, but that's not a bad thing.
Poor take off of 300 now that was a wicked film 
Amazing....this may have just made me want to get the ps3 bundle 
+Edward Fitzgibbon I believe calling this a mindless bit of violence goes to show that you are judging a book by its cover. It's not mindless, as it requires hand eye coordination, puzzle solving, and has a story that is soaked in Greek mythology. If you think there is enough violence in the world go make a stand against murder, theft, etc. This is a video game. Entertainment. It's not real violence. 
Love g3 and its one of the best and hardest games I've ever played. 
FAIL! This isn't a game trailer as there is absolutely zero game footage in this video. Which brings me to a question...... How can so many people say the game looks amazing if this video has NO game footage?
the beginning of it i expected to see Leonida's... either way I am looking forward to finishing this series.
"Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, and Sexual Content"
Sadly, these days those words alone can make it a candidate for "game of the year."
I am stoked for this game. My favorite game series of all time.
The whole thing looks like powdered donuts
i hope they make a game about this movie
Kyle G
Now anyone remember them saying that the third was their final game in the trilogy, and that they wanted it to be the best? lol
well this being a prequel of sorts maybe they don't count it as part of the trilogy :) 
Kyle G
what i meant was that there is only one way to pay the bills :)
Who posted this video doesn't know that some people are not ok with it because their is only one god that is our god  " Allah "  I'm not trying to be mean or disrespectful to anyone's religion or belief's I'm just saying its not ok to post this up because it a fends us Muslim's and I'm talking about the video " The God Of War " .
can i get it for xbox.
can i get it for free?
Yeah well, Muslims just blew up a U.S. embassy so, we're posting a game promotion video.
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please dont disrespect someone belief in god kai ki
Jay Lee
don't care looks like boys stuff
I think I'm going to have to start playing GOW...
Might have to get a red PS3, but isn't the 4 supposed to come out soon?
Wow...for a moment i think it was a cinema movie... Well i hope it would be..
I wonder if he actually smiles in this game.
This trailer sent chills up my spine. Can't wait for the game to come out. 
Wow speechless right now.
Sorry to say that, but it looks quite boring to me (and just does not fit to that kind of game)
i do not picture and that is defintely epic
This will make me "Xbox guy" get a ps3 just to have one
Arun j
Superb trailer!
war is boring, go back to the 20th century and stay there
Where is the that I've seen it live, I really wanna watch one
can you tell me how to update internet downlod manger.?
Gonna preorder mine today
I wander why God the creator should be compared to violence.change the name of the movie for it does'nt reflect the purpose of God to humankind
Looks awesome! Chill out people it's just a video game! And it's based on Greek mythology not in the Christian God almighty... +kennedy max, if you never heard of Greek mythology they believed in gods not in the creator you are talking about... I just don't get why people who don't like games bother to post.... Yada yada yada I'm a truly believer in freedom of speech but you guys are fun killers!
It's sad that some of the comments are so out there and senseless, if you want to express your opinion at least make sure you know what you are talking about! I've played all god of wars games, are they violents? Yes, they are... That's why they are rated M.
Btw I'm a very peaceful person who happens enjoy video games.
If you are easily offended or against video games why on earth are you watching this video????????

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coooooooooooooool. freaking awesome.... i

i... i was looking forward to my first degree black belt by the end of this month in martial arts, but now, new schedule is set.... a month and something to be ammmmmmmmazed.....
A more human side of Kratos? Doesn't he basically destroy everything he comes in contact with? He's human enough already.
Kick ass game cant wait to try it 
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God Of War is amazing in its story-line. That is what I like the most about this game.

The boring part about GoW is its tendency to eventually switch to button mashing. In the entire series (1, 2 and 3), all the fight gameplay has always been the same. There sure are great puzzles in the gameplay, but if the devs could add some AI into the fight gameplay, this would be much more awesome game.
Here's hoping Kratos will finally display emotions besides "anger", "rage", and "fury".
As much as I totally love Kratos as a character, after 5 games, he's coming across a bit 1-dimensional.
+Sia Gholami He is a trained killer of the worst kind. What other emotions do you want him to display?. 
+Nomeneta Saili He is/was human with a family at the end of the day. GoW3 saw him hint love toward his daughter and it made him just that much more relatable. Would be nicer to see a man doing all that murdering through pain rather than rage.
I'll have to look this up but I thought the game was going to be set before he even gets the blades of chaos... or before he kills his family.
ken lew
May have to break up with my girlfriend for this
i love this game its love to play like prince of persia.
Kevin J
Kratos is a fucking badass
God of war would be the only reason I would buy a PlayStation
maaf saya boleh tau ngga situs untuk men-download game god of war.. :)
Add me on ps3 my name is SHOCK8WAVE and I'm 9
This really looks sick..I can't wait
será mesmo q ele tem um lado humano ?!
MY EARZ Causing of the song Stuck in my head EVERY DAY I FEEL THIS!
keep it coming playstation you rock at sometimes
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