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Free Skype app coming to PS Vita later today with video calls and voice calls over 3G or WiFi. Have you ever used Skype?
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I just wish the PS3 and Vita had Picasa support. The PS3 used to have it, but it disappeared with the new image viewer.
finally ^^ how about a youtube one?
+Solomon Watts, yeah. It's what's used by G+, so getting Picasa support would allow one to view all photos you have on your G+ account.
+Solomon Watts, ah yes. As I mentioned it used to work but once they changed to the new picture viewer application, that feature disappeared. Now all they have is Flickr.
+Matt Phillips, perhaps it only happens when you install the new viewer. Maybe I can uninstall it and the old one comes back? I'll try that.
now we need a G+ app and my social life will be complete on vita
Time for a decent App Store! Skype is cool, but Yahoo and AIM would be nice. Maybe Tumblr, Instagram, and other cool apps. Five apps just aren't working...... #NeedsMoreApps
Ian H
Nice. Especially for people with 3G versions.
come to think of it why not open up to third part developers and get a proper app store on the vita get more third party games kinda like the apple app store so more games can be made for the vita with our ridiculous production/wait for an actual vita title, i mean playing some the the great psn games/arcade games are fun for awhile but not being updated fast enough...just my thoughts :D
Fucking awesome....looks like i will go back to using skype:)
Now it's time for PS3 SCE fa**ots !! Stop shi**ing about PS Vita and do something for PS3 !!!
Haha, I have called Sony about this multiple times over the past two months, And if i remember correctly, it was only a few days back that i last called and asked about the Skype app, People at the call box do not know jack about what is coming and they never know until it is actually, out, If they are lucky lol, But Bravo Bravo, I am VERY happy that Skype is finally going to be out on the Vita, Now the only two main things people need is HTML 5 Browsing and also PS1/PlayStation Classic’s being compatible with the Vita, Such as the oh i would say 3 or 4 games i spent a total of around 60$ to play yea?
+Matt Phillips +Elias Mårtenson Picasa support is still on the PS3...and not just browser support. go into the Photo Gallery (don't use the new app) and you can access both facebook photos and picasa
in the belgian store i can't find it at the moment, guess i'll have to wait a bit longer
AWESOME!!!!! But I though skype was already on the PS Vita
My ps vita froze I need tech support.
+Brett Pulliam Try holding the poser button for 20 seconds. This resets the system and has worked for me several times when my Vita froze.
+Matthew Gale , I've tried, both the PS and power button, neither work. The PS button is a steady blue and screen is black.
+Brett Pulliam That sucks. I am surprised holding the power button for 20 seconds doesn't work. I think, your going to have to call tech support.
Is there still things you can do to win one?
Not so exciting when the PSP had Skype too ... but yay? If you really want to impress me, give me Skype with video support on the PS3. That would actually be useful.
... but what about Google Talk? or hangout?
...They take so much time coming out with just one app at a time that it makes the PS VITA become out dated faster. I mean the ps vita isnt anything new its a smart phone combine with a psp with excellent graphics.. They new the ps vita was coming and they didnt care... it came out with 3 dam apps and 5 games and now plus 1 more dam app that is own by its rival Microsoft.... fucking up all ready lol
Yes Bryan, Nikolas is correct. Skype is free if you call from computer to computer. For instance, if you Skype call someone with an iPad from your PS Vita then it's free but if you can someone on a Cell Phone or Landline then you'll be charged.
People who don't understand Skype are hard to explain it to ... read the website.  
As if being a Nerd was wrong or immoral. Good Grief.
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