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Like puzzle games? Smart As wants to train your brain and let you brag to your friends. It hits PS Vita this Fall, watch the video for a first-look tour.
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This type of game is a welcome addition to the Vita. I like idea of posting challenges among friends.
yeauuhh new stuff for vita sweetness.
mhm,:D i wanna get one but im too poor lol
+Sarah Williams Sony is worried because they only sold 1.8 million in 2 months (barely 10 million a year is VERY BAD), so Sony will probably have a price drop in the near future (like the Nintendo3DS)
Nice bring it on, a cognitive challenge is
alway's welcomed in my busy portable world of liesure and gaming.🆗🆒👍😜
I love PS
My Vita wish list is steadily growing.
PSone on Vita, just so you can take more of my money...I want to play Legend of Dragoon on my Vita...
Puzzles (not symbolically) seem to be beyond my understanding. I don't give a crap what that makes me sound. There's no fu**ing technique to solve puzzles, it's all random. Hopefully this stuff will give some hints
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