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Killzone Mercenary is coming to PS Vita on Septmeber 17th. You read right — this is a PS Vita game. Check out the brutal new trailer (along with some single-player and multiplayer details) here:
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Hope for the best, haven't been impressed by any Vita FPS so far...nor by my Vita for that matter.
I adore spammers. They are so easy to Block.

Kyle: I know the feeling. The good news is that the Vita is on the same track record as the PSP. A catalog filled with so many lousy games that even an average title can be considered a stellar release. 
September? Vita needs stuff much sooner
Get EA to port Dead Space mobile to it or something
+Tanya Myoko :: well, if +Sony would get off their collective rear-end, upgrade the Vita Firmware to allow the installation of full-blown Android packages, and thus enable direct Android compatibility  getting content onto the device wouldn't be a problem.

The issue, as I see it, is this: Some executive has a bee in their bonnet that the Vita HAS TO ABSOLUTELY RUN VITA COMPILED SOFTWARE ONLY  ... even though pushing Vita as an Android device would make it a much easier hardware sale...

and as a result make it much easier to put the Vita platform on a hardware upgrade cycle. 

Now, I think Kaz H. himself is smart enough to realize that there IS  a market for a portable Android device with a gamepad controller built right into the Device. The Vita could already be servicing that market, if not growing that market, but somebody in SCE needs to get their rear end FIRED first to remove that roadblock. 
I can't wait to get my own system and this game! 
+Je Saist I love how easy it is to block spammers as well. People apparently have nothing better to do. I have an Xbox 360 but have never been able to stick it in my pocket and play it anywhere. Don't turn Google+ into crap guys. Love Xbox, there's plenty of places to express yourself without cluttering up post of things others enjoy... come on!
Too far out, but at least we got a date. Hell yeah! Just be sure you show more demonstrations of this game at E3.
Just announce PS2 classic compatible already
the ps vita has tons of great games. people i mean haters just see the bad ones. the ps vita is like 10 3ds in one or 5 iphone 5 in one a pure beast. the psp when it launched it was just like that and sony manage a tremendous great accomplishment selling over 70 million thats awesome. also is ur money u dont like it shut the fuck up and dont buy it.
Happy nihilistic isn't going to fuck up killzone like they did with resistance burning skies and call of duty black ops declassified
And to the PS vita haters stfu and u fucking I love Xbox 360 trolls stfu and go troll somewhere else
+michael frost you'll be happy to know that this game is made by the same people who made the rest of the series, Guerilla.
Now all I want is a date for Bioshock Vita and ill buy the system
+Natdanai Intraraksa And I guess that sentence was an attempt at making sense. I'll put my money on the Vita. Really you trolls have nothing better to do?
I've actually enjoyed my Vita a great deal. 
What really want to know is when is R&C: Full Assault going to drop on the Vita? I'm ready to download it.
I'm looking forward to the old school digimon series for the psone section. Love me some classics. Lol
I hope this is good. I personally love my Vita. If your looking a for great game get Gravity Rush, it is awesome.
Another great game that people are sleeping on is Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation. If you are fan of the series, you will not be disappointed.
I guess I'm the only one that look at console and mobile games differently. I know AC3:L is not current gen console quality, but  I think it's an awesome mobile game compared what's out there. Same with Golden Abyss. Not a top-notch console game, but an amazing mobile game. It's probably why I'm so easily impressed with most Vita games.
This looks awesome, hopefully we get a demo on PSN in the next few months.
This looks amazing! If it has multiplayer It would be the best PS Vita Game!
I just don't get why people want to see Sony and the vita fail. Why the hate. Most of the haters don't even own a vita so how can they bitch. I have a vita and love it. It is a hand held power house and great piece of tech. I do hope they get remote play up and going soon and a few more AAA titles. I feel Sony is holding back because the vita is going to play a role with the ps4. So I guess we will see. 
+Josh Levi Fanboyism.  I have nothing against MS/XBox, other than the controller and being forced to pay to play online (PS+ member, by choice), but they get as much hate on their threads as PS3 players get in their's.

I don't have a need for a hand-held, and I think that honestly #Sony knows full well the market is shrinking for stand-alone hand-helds, so I'm betting you're correct about it playing a role with PS4.  Nintendo beat everyone to the punch on that, but getting there first isn't always best.
Even though I dont play fps much, I might just get this one, always good to have at least 1 in the collection.

But besides that been loving my vita and it has alot of games thats awesome! But like with everything else thats awesome, people will hate..

Not only that if you dont like it, then dont buy it and leave it at that.. But people these days seems to be far to ignorant to do that smh...

Sony ftw!
Killzone 2 is my all time fav fps, looking forward to this one.
i have a psvita, although i dont fancy kilzone
meglio BO 2 di tanto anche
solo che online ci sono troppi camper
I have an Xbox 360 only (dedication) but also have a Vita and prefer it over a ps3, the best handheld system out hands down, and btw declassified is not as bad as reviewers made it out to be, actually for a PORTABLE system you cant expect them to make a console version of this game, for on the go its cod, and mutliplayer is why i play cod, and have no problems.
Xbox lovers have a bitterness for PlayStation only because theyre scared of losing. 
All of u should come join me on Killzone Multiplayer mode
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