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How's The Last of Us shaping up? We go hands-on with Naughty Dog's latest, and bring back new screens and concept art to prove it:
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Naughty Dog = Detail Masters. Jak and Dexter....enough said.
I drunkenly pre-ordered this last October, and I have no plans to cancel that.
Make a 2D overhead (Zelda-ish) version for Vita!
+Ian Blanco Then you've never ordered a "hangover pizza" to be delivered at around noon the day after your last bender. There's nothing better than waking up to a fresh pizza delivered to your door!
That also sounds legit! But think about it this way... Because your drunk ass bought that game, if for some reason you're broke on launch day....

Pizza will always be there.
Someone inject this game into my blood
Scary awesome. Survival horror is still alive!! 
Will Sony ever considered partnering up with Steam? I love both gaming companies so much! I wish we could all be friends. No longer digressing, I am beyond excited for The Last of Us, unfortunately my local game vendors had the unfortunate news of informing me that they are sold out of the Post-Pandemic edition; I guess I'm settling with the Survival Edition.
How was the language in the game? Is there a filter option for us with kids? If not then I won't be buying it.. :(
+Tory Jackson Do video games not have age certification in your country? A higher rating wouldn't stop me from buying a game - I'd just wait to play it when the kids are in bed. Much like a high cert movie.
Nice,but when will SONY release the next psp firmware?
PS3 til the day I D.I.E....

or until the new PlayStation is released.
well ps3 will soon lose market after ps4's release
I might hold off on any preorders for now. Just have that dreadful feeling that a ps4 version of the game will be released on launch day of Sony's new gaming system.

This being a Naughty Dog title and all.
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