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PlayStation Plus members, grab your PS Vita Instant Game Collections starting tomorrow. Gravity Rush, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Jet Set Radio and more — all free for members! If you're already a Plus member, you're already set; no additional fee for the PS Vita Plus features. Full details here:
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Just in time for my black Friday/Saturday Vita buying spree!
This post was created with Adobe Social?  I didn't know such thing existed.  I guess you post the same thing to different social sites through that.

In any case, I'm getting Gravity Rush!!! Already own Uncharted, but might still download it just in case I sell my game card.
That's an awesome deal. Hopefully this will sell more Vitas. 
Ooh, I wanted to try Gravity Rush...
Pretty sad that I dont have a vista right now..
Free games and a lot of great features added to my Vita! Thank you Sony.
Downloading the update right now...going to love the cloud storage!
I love the data transfer over wifi. I hate having to look for my cable when I just need to transfer something real quick
I will be getting ps plus to my little nephew 
Vita 2.00 new browser is awesome!
Great line up for vita getting PS plus
excuse me , how can i top up for my psn wallet to get the membership?
7-eleven provide the service or not?
Updated don't see no PlayStation plus games for downlaod
Ryan S
I think the update was more for system developments. The new store content usually drops in the afternoon.

Playstation plus 17.99 for 3months. Xbox live 24.99 and no free games. Sony for life!!!!
No Jet Set Radio for Australia :( But everything else is awesome!!
Ohh look Uncharted...and Wipeout....AWESOME!!
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