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PlayStation Plus members, grab your PS Vita Instant Game Collections starting tomorrow. Gravity Rush, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Jet Set Radio and more — all free for members! If you're already a Plus member, you're already set; no additional fee for the PS Vita Plus features. Full details here:
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Just in time for my black Friday/Saturday Vita buying spree!
This post was created with Adobe Social?  I didn't know such thing existed.  I guess you post the same thing to different social sites through that.

In any case, I'm getting Gravity Rush!!! Already own Uncharted, but might still download it just in case I sell my game card.
That's an awesome deal. Hopefully this will sell more Vitas. 
Ooh, I wanted to try Gravity Rush...
Pretty sad that I dont have a vista right now..
Free games and a lot of great features added to my Vita! Thank you Sony.
Downloading the update right now...going to love the cloud storage!
I love the data transfer over wifi. I hate having to look for my cable when I just need to transfer something real quick
I will be getting ps plus to my little nephew 
Vita 2.00 new browser is awesome!
Great line up for vita getting PS plus
excuse me , how can i top up for my psn wallet to get the membership?
7-eleven provide the service or not?
Updated don't see no PlayStation plus games for downlaod
Ryan S
I think the update was more for system developments. The new store content usually drops in the afternoon.

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