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BioShock 2 joins the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection, and members can get Puddle at a 50% discount as well. Full details:
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So when u buy BioShock Infinate u get original BioShock with it and now 2 on PS+...MAN I CAN OWN ALL 3 at once for a great price
Once again Europe get a better deal then us, Batman Arkham City when we get BioShock 2. Too bad I platinum BioShock 2 on PS3.
B Ruce
I haven't yet laid down the duckets for PS+ don't see the vaule in it....yet
+Bruce Bruce
Really? PS+ is great but it lack good game, see Europe PS+ line up. Right now PS+ has 4x more value then Xbox live.
PS anything has 4x more value than Xbox.
+Bruce Bruce sign up now, even if it's only the 90 day subscription! At Christmas time they give us shit-loads of awesome freebies. Just make sure you have plenty of room on the hard drive, there are some pretty hefty downloads. I'm Australian so, we get shafted a bit, but any other region should have some great stuff, I just tried it all then removed the games I didn't think much of.... but 300Gb per month gives me a bit of freedom to do that.
Bioshock 2??? Ho man, i buy that game on day 1, Europe PS+ its giving better stuff than the north america store
+PlayStation Please Uncharted 3 for Instant Game Collection!!
I have played BioShock 2 yet xD
they originally announced Batman :AA, I wonder why the change. Either way I am very satisfied with PS+ I even got the Music Unlimited for $12 which is great bc i can use it on my Galaxy Note. Now if they can implement some sort of movie discounts with it then it would be the complete package. 
Can't wait to play BioShock 2 once again.
I'm loving the PS+! I will be downloading this ASAP
Already own Bioshock 2, but excited to download a digital copy to my HDD.  Thank you PS+.
Too bad I own it on PC already, but appreciated.
Sony has been great in offering awesome games with PS Plus.
у  меня есть ps3 и 4 игры для неё
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