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This week's PSN update is live! Mass Effect Trilogy and Far Cry 3 on PS3, UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune and DJMax Technika Tune on PS Vita, a fresh batch of Japanese PSone imports, and plenty more. Full list here:

What are you picking up? 
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Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy I need Far cry 3
Think I'm going to get Far Cry 3 on PC instead.  I prefer the more open platform plus want a different name than my old PSN name (No I'm not making another account)
Awesome...uncharted card game, mass effect for 15 bucks, and gardians of middle earth also for 15 bucks...good job Sony keep up the good work.
I'd like to see Vib-ribbon finally make it to the USA, what with it being chosen by MoMA and all.
no typo the first one is being ported or has been ported
I might drop the $15 for the first Mass Effect. It's been so long and my PC copy is somewhere long gone 
Far cry 3 on PS3? I am going to cry of happiness
Looking forward to trying the Ni No Kuni demo.
+Brenden Chase typo... No... Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3

Know one really knows why Microsoft let ME1 onto PS3
+Mark Hurley Microsoft had nothing to do with it. It was biowares decision to to port it to the ps3. :)
Microsoft made a contract when the first Mass Effect came out and it's just recently expired for that one so that is why we get it now.
you are just trying to make yourself look good because Microsoft doesn't make themselves look good they are good.
Mass effect is owned by ea and bioware. Microsoft had no say in it:) 
hj jj
wan wan play ??
Yo man, $15 for GG with the terrible announcer? Nice try.
When are you going to sell Super Robot Taisen games on the Playstation Store and why the japanese imports are exclusively on the PS3??
+Brenden Chase All round #Win  with Mass Effect, in any case of how it came to #PS3  users... i'm happy it's here and i can now START playing through.

I didn't want to play ME 2 or 3... until now.
First Mass effect for $15?  Sweet!
I notice no one really wants Uncharted fight for fortune...
It looks... neat. If this was more like Metal Gear Acid I'd buy in no time.
Nice i cannot wait to get my hands on Mass Effect
esta shilo el mass effect? yolo jugue demo y se me hizo una caquita
Mass Effect. So i can play the trilogy over Christmas holidays.
psvita games needs a tune up gig on video game expansion. Enough! Of the kiddy stuff.
When I'm browsing around the updated Playstation Store it sounds just like Grand Turismo. I'm liking the new look but the sounding part already feels old. Maybe because I heard it all before.
I liked the look of the new store and the Christmas Deals Far Cry 3 for less than store price was a big draw considering it was at the ridiculous price of £60 before, good show PlayStation 
What's up with the ps store? I can't download the software, keep getting error code 800223EF. Anyone else have this issue, and if so what does it mean? I use WiFi and can still do game updates. What gives Sony?
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