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Feast your eyes on the limited Survival Edition and Post-Pandemic Edition of The Last of Us. See the full list of included goodies (12" statue, full-sized art book, in-game items and more) here:
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Sono asuefatto dei vostri capolavori
Looking forward to this in a BIG BIG way.  Funny, I didn't know till after reading this that there will be multiplayer in this game. Huh..
Is Last of Us will be available on PSN? 
dont understand why they sponsor gamestop, when all they want to do is kill them off, once the new consoles which will not play used games appear. 
Who want to pay $150? 
Something is wrong with G+.... I keep throwing money at my screen but nothing happens.
I want to pay $150. I'd buy it right now
Anyone paying 150 is crazy! I will just wait a few months and get it half off.

what about the Post-Pandemic version for EU??? Please!!!
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