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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 1 is now live on the PlayStation Store, and it brings with it a whole weekend of double XP. What's included? Watch the trailer now!
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Wtf is this Sony.. don't spam me with this shit, spam me with GoW4 videos and uncharted 4 news.. i don't care for this putrid vomit that's the gaming equivalent of the fucking spice girls.
How can Sony report on news that does not exist? Some news is better than no news.
God of war 4 does exist :) uncharted 4 is just wishful thinking lol
How dare Sony display news about everything PS3 instead of only the select games you care about! #ungrateful #calmdown
Why would PS3 owners worry about this when we've got Battlefield 3 and Killzone 3 to play?
Sounds like you couldn't figure out how to play Battlefield then. Clearly better than CoD.
Biggest content, they mean the most expensive one as well. They've been selling 4 maps for $20, more expensive than any other DLC in gaming.
bf3 is way better. i dont even own it yet and i no its better. u have flashlights, tanks, choppers and u can blow up buildings. u also dont have to start over at lvl 1 to get ribbons
Seems i have a stalker..

This is not trolling, this is just voicing my opinion on this shit franchise and i try my hardest to avoid its shittyness as much as humanly possible.

But if pointing out something is rubbish is now classed as trolling, i highly advise you go lock yourself up in a padded cell so life can not hurt your feelings any more than it clearly has.
Im surprised they didn't burn it to disk, make some cover art and sell it as MW4.
+James Dotson PS3 did not just get the maps. Elite members have had the maps. It is just now being offered to non Elite Plus members.
After a weekend of double XP with the maps and special op missions. Hats of to Infinity Ward for a great job.
MW3 sucks i thought it was going to be beter but its boring and theres lots of campers!!!
oh that is gooooooooooooooooooooood call of duty games
call of duty the best
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