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PlayStation Plus comes to PS Vita next week, with a killer Instant Game Collection lineup in tow:

So many choices... where to begin?!
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what a nice message to open up my stream with :)
The most important part that is mail and browser update. Also 1080 video.

And Wi-Fi sync with Pc. 
Memory card price drop in time for the holidays, perhaps? I could see them being needed soon. Great update, by the way.
Amazing update. Looking forward to PlayStation Vita 2.0
Now I want to get a Vita!
Is it going to be in a bundle?
Wish I had just bought a 32gb card instead of a 16gb one!
I own enough of those Vita titles already that I'm more than a little annoyed at the instant game collection list ;)
waiting for black ops declassified
ac3 came out already but i really wanted to play a demo first
honestly the ps3 version was better
fifa 13, anyone?
Can't wait for free games on my vita. My 32 GB memory stick is empty!
WOW!! I just got my Vita with the COD bundle! but now there is no excuse to not be a member of PS +
Great to know that Sony's finally ready to go all out for the Vita.  I'll be sure to get all three of the free Vita games for PS Plus (I already bought the retail version of Gravity Rush, but I wouldn't mind a digital copyto go with it)!
Finally som Plus features for Vita. Now Sony needs to increase storage capacity and cut the prices for the memory cards.
I hope that it will be possible also to download games well-known from Play Station 1 on PS Vita
This is very nice. I hope this ups the sales for Vita.
you all sure dont hurry for no one do you.
This month is going to be awesome for plus. I'm going to need a 32GB stick my 8GB is running out. Probably should've gotton that early on. I really hope they drop the prices on the Memory Card.
a comprar una tarjeta mas grande, qe chido!
i have a question: i want to buy a new ps3, but i don't know if i should buy the new slim? or is the normal ps3 also good?
They're the same, except for the looks and the hard drive size.
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